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Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. Especially if she gets in an iconic line that upstages all of the gals like "THAT IS A LIE."
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  2. Why haven't we gotten Carnie Wilson as an official Friend Of yet...
    I'm fuming she didn't get a scene this year
  3. D70D17FF-5C8F-49C2-86E4-D7D60551C6E5.jpeg
    Here’s a Real Housewives/Golden Girls crossover post I was not expecting...

  4. It’s literally a screenshot from the show?
  5. That can't be real!
  6. I was watching Season 4 and the moment Carlton casually curses Joyce and makes Kyle's computer call her a bigot is... I can't believe it was actual television, it was so good and perfect for me and my ridiculous sensibilities. Carlton also summoned a swarm of bees to get Kyle, apparently.
  7. I really want to understand how come most of the fandom (and public in general) seems to really dislike Erika?
  8. Ddd @Jesus Jugs group chat strikes again, ha tricksy ways!
  9. She gives nothing. For someone who is basically a drag queen when she performs she has no FUN or sense of humour.
  10. Erika's there to promote shows we'll never see, music we'll never listen to, and clothes we'll never wear. I actually really liked her during her first series, but these days she's surplus to requirements, completely usurped by Dorit.
  11. I think the frustration with Erika comes from the fact that she could be a great housewife, she just chooses to sit back and do very little. One great season and all she's done since is has "serve looks" and ride the coattails of the show to further her career instead. Season 10 seems to be year where the fanbase (at least on social media) unanimously agree that she's useless. Says it all when even Teddi has given us more.
  12. I know I will be dragged for this but I think Teddi deserves to come back. Don’t get me wrong, I dislike her a lot but she kind of kept the ball moving and was messy in her own annoying self righteous way, pregnant and all. As long as next season she has minimal solo scenes like this seasons I don’t think I’ll mind her coming back. Dorit is bound to snap at her at some point, Sutton clearly doesn’t like her all that much and Denise hates her guts... she might be good for the show as a punching bag for one last season before she gets the pink slip.
  13. I think she's taking up a valuable spot on the cast. Frankly, there's not enough room up Kyle's ass for Teddi, Brandi, Erika, and Lisa Rinna. Some of them need to go. At this point it's necessary to keep the show going. Their one storyline was Denise. We need more going on. That wretched little producer who keeps turning up is trying his best but the cast need to pull their weight.
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  14. I think the best move would be to fire at least two of them, since it's been two season in a row with the same exact dynamic; one could argue that the Beverly Hills always loved to go after one housewife, see Camille in season one, but the relationships between them were more interesting rather than a five in one deal. I really doubt Teddi will come back, she only got a FT spot because of Sutton's issues with her ex husband, plus I really can't think of a housewife that is as hated as she is. I think it will be interesting to see, who will they fire between Erika and Rinna alongside Teddi, if they do that (Dorit and Sutton are 100% coming back, of that I am sure).

    Erika has the potential, as others previously stated, to actually be a great housewife, but it's been at least two/three season when she has been giving nothing bar some ''sassy'' confessionals, Rinna stirs it up, but she is so blatant and has turn to be just mean and tiring, plus her constant meltdowns on Instagram would suggest that something is up, or that she is at least aware that there is a possibility that she will not be asked back next season.

    Then again it also come down to another big question mark floating around, if Garcelle does The Real, will she come back? And if she doesn't, it's likely Denise will leave too, in that case I can see them only firing Teddi (I can only imagine the meltdowns if this happens), although I don't think production would make them leave so easily, since they are probably the most liked cast members of the season.
  15. I think it’s needs a big shake up like 4 new women. Like they did in NY years ago. But I don’t see them doing it. I’ll be surprised if Teddi isn’t kept on as a friend and we only get one new cast member. I don’t see Denise going back unless she is under contract. I think the morally corrupt Faye Resnick as friend and Camille full time would be good additions as they have relationships with the cast.
  16. Agree that she did keep the ball moving, but I just think Teddi is too close to being a ~relatable girl for her to be a villain/punching bag. She's too awkward and cringe to me, like in the dinner party scene where Sutton made her cry when she said she was boring. I just genuinely felt sorry for her because I can only imagine she was thinking "this whole cast and the whole world think I'm boring." Or at the baby shower after the surprise!! reveal, she was so awkward and uncomfortable and did her little chuckle. Just how any normal girl would, except she's supposed to be a fucking Housewife.

    I would much rather she leave now, be remembered by the majority as one of the worst cast members ever and in like two years get a retroactive popularity boost for being the doe-eyed, insecure and conniving ingenue who tried - with limited success - to take down Dorit, LVP and Denise.
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  17. @Oceandrive @teddienono @KyleRichards You all need to come get your gal.
  18. The problem with Teddi is she’ll sit and cry that a stranger called her boring... but she’ll air Denise and Brandi fucking at a dinner table in Rome...
    Make it make sense. She’s a spoiled and entitled little girl who has never grown up, and it shows.
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