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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. I was really frustrated with the way they twisted Denise’s words. Not only did she NOT call Brandi a good friend, she also did NOT say she’d said worse things about Teddi TO Brandi.

    The fact that they played the clips, and then immediately show the blatant twists was infuriating. But as I’ve previously said, what’s even more aggravating is that Denise is completely incapable of standing up for herself on these things.
  2. Lord help me.
  3. If they were going to blatantly lie about what Denise said, they should've just not shown the clips that debunked what they claimed. Andy being a messy cigarette yet again and not a single housewife even calling bullshit was disheartening
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  4. I was kind of surprised at part II of the reunion. I thought Andy would stand up for Denise more, now I am not surprised at all she left. Plus when you threaten Bravo with legal issues, you have sealed your fate.
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  5. Had to give up on the reunion. How is BH serving this lukewarm gruel when Potomac prepares a feast each week?
  6. Not poor people, say it ain’t so.
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  7. That reunion wasn't even worth commenting sis-trens. Don't make this thread move pages AT ALL.

    IT'S WHAT SHE DESERVES. Trash absolute boring-trash.
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  8. Kyle is very unpleasant. I finally got the full dose of her cheerleader girl evilness from that reunion.
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  9. So Andy on some podcast or show, basically confirmed Denise walked away after her and Bravo could not find a compromise when they did negotiations.
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  10. A Kyle takedown season will never happen unless LVP returns with Camille in tow, nobody else on the current cast would have the guts to step up the plate. She's too embedded into the group and has too much say over the show in general for it to happen.

    Reunion was incredibly boring, I have to laugh at how uninterested Denise & Garcelle looked throughout it.
  11. Think this reunion is dragged out could of been done in one episode
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  12. Still slogging through the first reunion ep and I open the thread to this. Great.
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  13. Normalize giving boring seasons two-part reunions!

    That second episode was the definition of filler.
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  14. It is frustrating that 3-part reunions have become the norm when they so rarely deserve it.
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  15. I'm watching Garcelle's full interview with Jenny McCarthy and she said no decision has been made yet on whether or not she's coming back. She said she had fun but would be fine without it, so we'll see.
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  16. It will be a PR disaster if she doesn't come back to RHOBH. Imagine!
  17. The girls are fighting.

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  18. The producer has spoken:

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  19. Kyle is tweeting like her pick up letter hasn’t arrived yet.
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