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Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. It really did. If this was housewives top trumps then BH can win on ratings but everything else goes to NY, and the current season of NY was nowhere near their best.

    The reunion was a flop. I was semi intrigued a few weeks ago when we heard about the unfollowing on social media and Rinna going off, but it was just a continuation of the season aka a Denise pile on. Not entertaining in the slightest.
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  2. and thank god that shit show is done.

    I really want Denise to release these texts with Lisa Rinna, that lit a fire under her ass and she quickly began back peddling and then had the cheek to say "those are private". That is the issue with these women, they pick a target and air all their private stuff but how dare anything personal to them come out. They are all walking contradictions.
  3. Ok but can we talk about Garcelles utter disdain in her eyes looking at Teddi, Denise, you wanna go first or shall I? ... get ha!
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  4. Was there ever any doubt?

  5. Part 3 was an improvement on 2 but overall.. it felt like Denise was thrown to the wolves with no one defending her other than Garcelle? Not that I expected anything less but usually Andy chimes in here and there (I mean he's criticised Dorinda and stuck up for Tinsley quite vocally on NYC) but he did nothing.

    Lisa Rinna is so angry.. over what? You'd think she'd been brutally betrayed by the way she speaks to Denise. The whole fallout is so bizarre. Whether or not it's true / she signed up for a reality show, Denise wasn't obliged to give light to the Brandi situation, nor did she need to confide in Rinna about it. I felt so bad for her when she was crying. Rinna aught to be careful though, she prides herself on being a "truth teller" but it only takes one person to open their mouth and spill the shit that's bubbling under about her marriage. So glad the season is over.
  6. Kathy Hilton would be as cold, contrived and as Kris Jenner would be. The Paris Hilton documentary was enough to put me off the idea of Kathy from ever being a housewife... even though you just know that family is fucking dark... Epstein and all.
  7. Kathy would be iconic.
    Watch in awe as she gets tipsy and reveals how Maurice started The Agency by stealing clients from her husband's business,
    Stare in awe as she has Kim's back like a real sister,

    Well, to be honest it's all five years to late isn't it? But I'd enjoy it.
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  8. Lisa Rinna has such a dark vibe, I was reading that Star Jones had to take legal action against her or something like that, since Rinna kept harassing her via email and on social media (I kind of screamed, Star Jones seems to attract quite a lot of hate from the housewives, ddd), sooner or later all this messiness will get to her, of that I am sure.

    While I was always fascinated by Kathy's role in the Richards sister dynamic, since she always sided with Kim, I am not here for this, since I doubt she would bring it.
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  9. Kathy would be a great addition just because she would absolutely participate and probably spearhead a Kyle humiliation campaign.
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  10. I mean obviously I would be here for Kathy if she did any of this. I just don’t see her opening her doors for cameras or scrutiny. I mean, they came across as awful parents in the Paris documentary (she couldn’t even shed a fake tear for her daughter) and her husband who refused to appear in the documentary was allegedly trafficked Virginia Guiffre when she was 16 at the hands of Epstein. The potential is there but... is Kathy that hungry for fame?
  11. Actually gutted Denise isn’t coming back. I can’t believe how heartless Rinna was towards her! She’s better off out of the show. She’s booked and busy anyways unlike Rinna.
  12. Ok but can we get Vanessa Williams, please? She’s based in LA, right?
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  13. Just a reminder that there are gross, biphobic undertones to this entire season:
  14. Lisa Rinna is an insignificant ass hair.
  15. Oh don't bring Goddess Gina into this...
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  16. Thank heavens this season is over. What a pile of crap.

    Thank heavens for Dorit, Garcelle & Sutton. I hope the producers keep those three and make some big casting moves. A Teddi, Kyle or Rinna takedown season next might be the only way to salvage BH.

  17. If I were one of the girlies I'd drop the Harry Hamlin rumors and snatch Rinna right up. Someone needs to get dirty.
  18. The cast seems terrified of Rinna at this point to do that. They're all kissing her ass.

    Cast a total newbie and let this be her KPI to get her diamond on the show.
  19. That’s exactly the problem. Rinna is the only one who enjoys stirring the pot. Kyle won’t risk doing anything that hurts her role as Switzerland/Troop Mother, Dorit is too worried about being put on the outs again, and the others are just there for the free dinners & promo. As much as I was fed up with LVP, she served as a really formidable opponent.

    I think Garcelle has it in her, but she has to be given support.
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