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Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. Garcelle is coming back.
  2. Garcelle has said she would do a second season on The Real, to Denise, so it appears she's waiting for the offer/in negotiations.
  3. Happy to hear this... Is Queen Sutton off the table yet? I really need her back too.
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  4. I am watching the Joyce and Carlton season for the first time at this point and I can see why Joyce was a one hit wonder but Carlton has so far been iconic and her hatred of Kyle!! Wish the witch got a second chance.
  5. Carlton definitely would have sided with Kim in Amsterdam
  6. I actually thought Joyce was great. She was a little annoying but so extra and dramatic. She would really have gotten her hands dirty if they’d kept her around.

    Carlton did not seem comfortable with the cameras.
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  7. Carlton is iconic, she put a spell on Kim's sister laptop, Fiona Goode who???
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  8. Joyce is so incredibly beautiful and seemingly sweet, I just can't picture any good arguments though I've not yet finished the season so maybe some are to come. Carlton has confronted just about every woman and complained incessantly, while so far Joyce has lodged herself up Koyle's ass and gotten upset that LVP wouldn't let her fix her hair.
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  9. I thought Joyce was boring, but she handled Brandi extremely well
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  10. Frankly she is the *only* one who would get me to watch next season.
  11. We're gonna call these three abysmal seasons The Teddi Years one day.
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  12. The Teddi Years: Prequel To Covid-19! Dddd
  13. It was her really thinking she did something by having pink (volumeless) hair for me. That was the straw that broke the lettuces back. Bye Teddi. You won’t be missed.

    I hope Kyle and Rinna are sitting very uncomfortably now, knowing they’ve lost Teddi, Dorit is starting to realise she’s a fan favourite and that Erika most likely won’t even be conscious during filming.
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  14. SCREAM!!

    But yes seeing Dorit get gradually more confident and outspoken as the fans coalesce around her is iconic.
  15. My boyfriend is on a work call about Dorit nn.

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  16. I’m sorry but... bring back LVP nn
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  17. LVP and Camille returning would be pretty iconic, to be honest.

    Rinna vs LVP and Kyle vs Camille. Phew.
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  18. Isn't LVP about to declare bankruptcy?
  19. As much as it would be good for the show, I just don't see how LVP could ever come back.
    She was clearly going through a tough time during that last season and just didn't have the energy to manoeuvre her way out of the situation she'd gotten herself in.

    When you've framed the situation as 'If I did [XYZ things she obviously did] I would be the worst person in the world!'... you leave yourself no room to later admit to doing those things and repair relationships.
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