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Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. It doesn’t matter we’re here to shit on Teddi Jo.
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  2. Lisa VP losing her wealth would be fascinating television. I want to see her slowly morph into Sonja Morgan, please. Drunk, horny Lisa would be incredible.
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  3. Just listened to that LVP podcast clip and couldn’t believe she said ‘wish Teddi all the best’ and then she followed it up, give her the diamond back!
  4. I miss the LVP confessionals, but she wasn't fit for the drama they were going for that last year.
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  5. Agreed. I honestly wanted Vanderpump to go out on a high, they did her kinda dirty considering everything that was going on for her at the time and I think it would have been better if she took the season off.
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  6. I love that "Goodbye Kyle" was the most iconic moment from season 9 and "OY HAVE A LOYF, KOYL!!" is the most iconic moment from season 10.

    Keep telling Kyle to fuck off challenge. Do that challenge.
  7. I would have loved a glorious takedown of her, they almost did it on season 4 and it was quite dramatic to see all the dynamics shifting and all the manipulation going on, but no, RHOBH manages to always deliver disappointments, we live in the timeline where TEDDI was the one that made her leave, that was a mess.
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  8. LVP is a case study in a Housewife who's great in confessionals but doesn't hold up outside of the carefully crafted quips.

    See also: Carole.
  9. Carole was good in reunions too but yeah. I think Adam made her a bit annoying too lol
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  10. Carole is so effortlessly cool in Seasons 5-7, before she becomes Bethenny’s pet.
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  11. Carole's grabbing Aviva's face and telling her ex-husband that she understood why he divorced her > whatever LVP did across 9 seasons on Beverly Hills.
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  12. FINALLY we said it.

    Iconic LVP scenes and moments:
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  13. I mean LVP definitely has had SOME decent moments / lines / shade throwing / lifestyle porn (and of course her taglines are probably the best of any housewife)...

    But her biggest superpower was her mere existence having the majority of the women shaking. Erika only started "opening up" once LVP was out of the picture. And the way the likes of Kyle, Rinna, Brandi etc go from trying to take her down to literally kissing her arse is power.
  14. Ok and one of the best confessional lines of all time....
  15. LVP's ONLY memorable moment/line is "Maloof Hoof" and I will die on this hill. In every other scene she's pink window dressing.
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  16. Teddi's All Out:

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  17. Focus on All In...
    She's about to pick an exotic starter that will appear on next week's meal plan from the leaves of that bush behind her.
  18. So happy she's finally gone, surely the worst housewife of all time?
    Would love if they gave Erika the boot, but I don't see anyone else going.
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  19. Honestly, the only enjoyment I ever got out of Teddi was that she poked fun at how boring she is in that announcement and actually just admitted her contract wasn't being renewed.

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  20. I would not like to see LVP or Camille back.

    LVP is good at starting drama behind the scenes but she always got others to do the dirty work, I never liked that. Too much manipulating and controlling.

    Camille is the worst kind of Karen, hard pass.
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