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Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. Teddi turning off all her comments. She’s SEETHING.

  2. I miss this queen.
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  3. I don't. Lisa's time has passed and she's no longer in the wealth bracket this show requires of the cast.
  4. Camille is a questionable person, but a perfect housewife, delusional, snooty, petty and could care less how she come across on camera and somehow even manages to be a voice of reason! The OG we needed, Kim's sister found fixing her bangs, etc., etc.
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  5. I’d have LVP back. Armed with receipts against Rinna and Kyle to pass onto Garcelle to ruin them both, whilst she sits back and pretends it had nothing to do with her. It feels right.
  6. How could you not want the ORIGINAL gal to decimate Kyle to return?

    The first one to lose their cool,
    is the one that loses.

    Sorry Kyle.
    You lose.

  7. I know those were different times, but imagine siding with Kyle on season one

  8. Casual transphobia aside...

  9. I still got to catch up with everything that is not on Netflix but out of the stuff that is there (Beverly Hills, Atlanta and NY first two seasons) Camille going “Omg she posed naked after the OJ trial that is her” to Faye’s face is my favorite moment.
  10. We see the full uncut Bravo Bravo Fucking Bravo scene tonight
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  11. Camille is the only former housewife I would take a full return from at this point. I don't mind LVP but the show has felt a lot fresher without her and its way to soon to entertain a return for her.

    Kim is obviously iconic but I think it's best for her health to stay of the show.
  12. I’d have LVP back only if we got a bankruptcy scandal that ends with her jailed and deported a la Joe Giudice.
  13. With Bravo aiming for a younger audience, I'm not sure they would bring back the two oldest cast members?
  14. Denise blatantly calling out Kyle's producer role... as the other girls, well, sat there.
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  15. Lemme just fast forward to that scene, I can’t put myself through any more of this season but also can’t not see that scene in full...
  16. I love Denise in that scene. I wish we got more of that Denise. I do understand she tapped out though and was over it understandably.
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  17. The entire thing reminded me of the Valerie Cherish-Lisa Vanderpump scene from The Comeback in the best way.
  18. We've seen Ramona, Teresa and Dorinda break the fourth wall in the past year... I reckon it happens a lot more than they've ever usually let on.
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  19. I want to see the footage of Dorinda "Bravo Bravo Bravo-ing" Jill Zarin at the Halloween party DESPERATELY next week.
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