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Real Lies - "Valentine" + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by youthless, Nov 20, 2019.

  1. Sorry if there's already been a thread created for Real Lies as I'm sure I first heard 'Seven Sisters' on PJ but I couldn't find it when I searched.

    Their first album of London-inspired synthpop and electro bangers including 'Seven Sisters', 'Gospel', and 'North Circular Road' was well acclaimed by The Guardian and NME and a 2015 staple for me.

    They're back with a new mellow banger "You Were in Love" which is giving me big NTE (Neil Tennant energy) in the chorus.

  2. I'm a huge fan of this group! I could literally die while listening to Dab Housing. They have incredibly strong set of singles, their debut is full of gems.
    It's a shame that they're now a duo as Tom Watson left the band.

    Any fan of PSB should check Real Lies out. Kev Kharas started out as a music writer just like Neil (you can still read some of his writing for the publications like The Quietus). They even did a remix of Say It To Me back in 2016, it's lush.
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  4. Excited for this!
  5. It's a banger:

  6. This is excellent. I love the post-Pet Shop Boys vibe to it.
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  7. 'Boss Trick' is excellent, that classic euphoric meets afterparty feeling. I wish more people would care about them.
  8. Their Facebook Live stream tonight is great.
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  9. SMG


    I've been a huge fan of these guys since I saw them in the WOW! tent at Glastonbury 2015 - about 30 people in the crowd, absolutely huge storm. Been obsessed since.

    Boss Trick is massive.
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  10. I loved the livestream gig tonight.

    They manage to perfectly encapsulate British pre-drinks/clubbing/nightbus/hangover/comedown melancholy in a way I've not heard since someone like The Streets (or maybe Lily Allen, at a push).
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  11. Then I think you'd enjoy their Bliss To Be Alive playlist on Spotify - they update it pretty regularly.

  12. Exquisite mix.
  13. A surprise release of their cover version of A Rainy Night In Soho came out yesterday:

  14. New tune's out this week:

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  15. Come on people, they're too good to be slept on!
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  16. This is absolutely great. What a fantastic (and cheap) idea for a video as well.
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  17. I Wander is brilliant, looks like they're gearing up for another great album.
  18. Time to rehash this thread - new single is out:

    Superb as always!
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  19. Yeah, this is great. It's giving me Pet Shop Boys meets PC Music meets 90s House.
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  20. This is some of the only new music that's grabbed me in 2021, seriously.
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