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Real Lies - "Valentine" + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by youthless, Nov 20, 2019.

  1. UNREAL mix of Oh Me,Oh My:

    According to their latest mailing list update, it looks like there's a strong possibility that they're gonna release a new record this summer. Super excited for the follow up, it's been hugely anticipated.
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  2. New song is out today:

    The second album called Lad Ash will be released sometime this summer.
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  3. Another gorgeous track. This album is going to be AOTY.
  4. Another incredible new song. Anyone seeing them live on this tour? Considering getting Dublin tickets but it'll probably be cancelled.

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  5. I really wanna see them and am considering buying tickes for the London date. Real Lies soundtracked my visit to London the first time round so I can't imagine seeing them live in a different place (plus the chances of them actually playing in mainland Europe this year seem very slim). Driving the North Circular whilst listening to North Circular the song - an experience!
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  6. They've released another colossal banger, this absolutely goes off. Does anyone ever hear shades of PSB in them?
    Also, they are seriously one of the most underrated bands in the UK. Smash after smash after smash.

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  7. This is just gorgeously euphoric. Their second album, Lad Ash, is out on April 22nd.

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  8. So is An Oral History Of My Kiss!

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  9. Their music makes me feel so euphoric in such a different way to anything else out there at the moment, it's simply sublime.
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  10. They're chronically underrated. I hope the album picks up some good reviews and press at least.
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  11. The way they manage to perfectly encapsulate that late-night-city-melancholy while also making bangers and bops that remind me of New Order and Pet Shop Boys? I love.
  12. Lad Ash released yesterday. It's really, really good late-night city music.

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  13. The album is absolutely incredible. Very excited to see them next Thursday.
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  14. This album is truly spellbinding. Pretty rude Guardian / NME etc. didn't even review it.
  15. The replay value of this album is immense, I haven't stopped playing it since its release. So many great highlights and it's a 'vibe' unlike anything else out there right now.
  16. New banger dropped
  17. New release, it's part of a compilation:

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