Real Lies - "Valentine" + General Discussion

UNREAL mix of Oh Me,Oh My:

According to their latest mailing list update, it looks like there's a strong possibility that they're gonna release a new record this summer. Super excited for the follow up, it's been hugely anticipated.
Another incredible new song. Anyone seeing them live on this tour? Considering getting Dublin tickets but it'll probably be cancelled.

I really wanna see them and am considering buying tickes for the London date. Real Lies soundtracked my visit to London the first time round so I can't imagine seeing them live in a different place (plus the chances of them actually playing in mainland Europe this year seem very slim). Driving the North Circular whilst listening to North Circular the song - an experience!
The replay value of this album is immense, I haven't stopped playing it since its release. So many great highlights and it's a 'vibe' unlike anything else out there right now.