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Reba McEntire - Remix album 2021

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by The_Rani, Oct 17, 2021.

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    I couldn't find a Reba thread so thought I'd start one. These are remakes of her many country hits. CD2 is a dance remix album (original vocals I think). The lead single is 'Does He Love You' feat. Dolly Parton (of course!).
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  2. Not really a fan of remixes and redos, but I do love Reba.

    Her 90s era is my favourite.

    On the evidence of the Dolly duet, Reba’s voice has held up very well too.
  3. My knowledge of Reba is very poor I'm ashamed to say. I remember her early 00's single 'Somebody', which was great; and also her dance cover of You Keep Me Hanging On. I'd say I remember her best from being in the movie 'Tremors' as she isn't a household name as such in the UK.

    However, I've tried to remedy that with a bit of a Youtube binge and I love everything so far.
  4. Definitely agree the '90s is her best period. Classic after classic. Does He Love You is one of the best duets of all time - up there with The Boy is Mine and No More Tears (Enough is Enough).

    I'm also partial to Why Haven't I Heard from You. A bop.

    She is a good actress, too. One of my biggest regrets is not seeing her on Broadway playing Annie Oakley in Annie Get Your Gun. It's one of the great Broadway stories that Reba took Broadway by storm and was amazing.

    And she's pretty funny on Twitter too. She was hilarious when she was tweeting about going to see Madonna's Rebel Heart tour. As most of us remember, Madonna came on late. But Reba - ever the professional and always punctual - wasn't having it and let her fans know!

  5. I listened to this yesterday! I've been bumping the Fancy remix ever since I first read about the album, though it actually came out in 2019. We've been discussing it a little in the general country thread, but it's good to have a dedicated Reba thread.

    The Revived disc is really good, with the exception of Fancy. The Remixed disc is a mixed bag - aside from Fancy, I really like Little Rock and love Why Haven't I Etc., but I'm a Survivor was such a disappointment when it dropped and still is. Haven't had the chance to play Revisited yet, but I love Consider Me Gone and like Does He Love You.
  6. Read My Mind is my favourite Reba album. Less country than usual though.

    Last album I bought was All The Women I Am around 2010. She’s still regularly recording though. Huge record seller in America in the 90s especially.
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  7. Reba is one of my absolute favourites and has been for a few years now!
    That said I’m really not gone on this album, it seems completely unnecessary. I appreciate some of the stuff she’s tried to do but I dunno, It’s not really for me.
    I miss the growl in her voice on the medley of Take It Back and Why Haven’t I heard From You. Her voice has really aged well but the way she sings some of her older hits, it just doesn’t hit as hard.
    Read My Mind is a great album, possibly my fav from her too. Honestly everything from the late 80’s onward was pretty great. The odd misstep I suppose, but she’s never released a flat out bad album in that time frame.
    If you get a chance you should check out her last album, genuinely one of her best and really suits how her voice has changed over the years.
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  8. I am loving the remixes!

    My fave album of hers is probably Keep On Loving You...
    She has so many bops!
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  9. I'm holding off on a full review until I've listened to all three discs enough, but the remixes of The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter and Why Haven't I Heard From You...
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  10. Mine as well !! I’ve been a Reba fan since 87. Read My Mind is spectacular. The sown She Thinks His name Was John was gutsy. She has several live performances abd was touching.
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  11. What If It’s You from 1996 is a favourite too. More country/pop than pure country, but a great listen.

    The artwork is beautiful too. Might be Reba’s best looking album!
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  12. I’d Rather Ride Around With You is that cheesy bumpkin bop!!
  13. I'm glad she finally has her own thread! I haven't had chance to listen through to this yet but I've enjoyed everything I've heard. A cute project while restrictions hinder a proper new era from her - and certainly all worth it for the incredible You Keep Me Hangin' On remix to finally have a home as well as the Dolly collab.

    She dragged on Instagram too. I have so many questions about that night. I can't imagine her being anything but appalled at the Holy Water pole-dancing on the cross routine.
  14. "For My Broken Heart - Revived" tickles me.
  15. Her 1988 self titled album Reba is gorgeous. It has the number one hits New Fool at an Old game & I Know how He Feels. Plus the top five hit Sunday Kind Of Love. She also did a cover of Aretha’s Respect which isn’t to shabby. I remember her performing it on a country awards show wearing a sassy black leather pantsuit. That performance elicited some looks and not to mention a racist comment asking is they were at the soul train awards. I forgot who said that. Love me some Reba.
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  16. She was just starting to get big with the Reba album. After that, her records got more and more huge. A bit less country too, which upset some folks.

    Enjoyed her covers album, Starting Over, a lot.
  17. When she took control of her music with the album What Am I Gonna Do About You is when I discovered her. I have been buying all her albums ever since. Starting Over is a great album. She recorded Hearwave but don’t put it on there. She reminds me of Madonna with her long career with having hits for decades and the. boom it stopped. I hope we get more albums from her.
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  18. Her Lifetime Christmas movie premiered recently. The song she recorded for it is instantly her best Christmas track.

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  19. Another new song, really nice.

  20. And she's performing at the Oscars!
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