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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Delage, May 4, 2016.

  1. Is anyone else a fan? I'm more of a casual fan of the Jackson family, although they do have some great songs, but she and La Toya are the siblings I most like and follow. She never really had the success she deserved, her voice hasn't got much range but is very controlled and pleasant, and all her albums have that great smooth quality to relax to (although she belts the occasional more upbeat tune greatly, too). Of all her albums, my favourite is her last, 1998's Yours Faithfully, although her 80's albums are quite good even if there's some filler in there, especially on R U Tuff Enuff. Wish she would release music again, she did lead vocals on a Preston Glass song a few years back and she still sounded great. Her first two albums were re-released with bonus tracks a couple of years ago and they still sound great.

    Her biggest hit, the Michael Jackson-penned "Centipede" with Martha Wash on backing vocals:

    And her last single (hard to believe she was almost 50 there):
  2. 'Centipede' is still just such a fantastic pop song. The synths and the vocal harmonies are just brilliant - it reminds me of a less sexualised, 'Eaten Alive', an amazing track Michael also wrote for Diana Ross around the same time.

    I admittedly don't know too much Rebbie outside of the singles ('Yours Faithfully' is great), I think she somewhat had a motivation problem in that by the time Jackson-mania hit, she already had a lot of young children and was somewhat past the traditional starting age to become a popstar (I mean, she was 36 by the time Control came out). She easily has the best voice out of all three Jackson sisters though. I think it's interesting that Joe Jackson wanted to make the three girls into a band, but the three fell out over musical direction - Rebbie surely would have been lead.

    I also really respect her in that she's one of the few Jacksons to consistently have behaved with decorum and dignity, and doesn't seem to have been affected by fame in any way. Also she looks so snatched for a 65 year old.

    It's also pretty funny to me that she actually had a Vegas residency in the late 90s/early 00s. I only found out about it because apparently that's where La Toya and Joe Jackson reconciled after her estrangement (they were both in the audience). Apparently it was a fairly small theatre off the strip, but it still shows her pulling power as a Jackson at that time.

    Her son is actually in the music industry now too, and he's got some brilliant tracks.

  3. I thought a videoclip for her duet with Robin Zander "You Send The Rain Away" was never filmed! Corny but lovely, pretty much like the song :D

    Is it Robin Zander on the videoclip though? He's seen from so far away on his few scenes with Rebbie I'm inclined to suspect they used a lookalike?

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  4. The 'Centipede' video aired in Australia a few months ago (albeit in the middle of the night, on a Tuesday morning), as part of a Jackson-family themed episode of rage. #justiceforrebbie
  5. I'm glad there's a thread for Rebbie. "Centipede" is spectacular, but I had never heard anything else. "Distant Conversation" came on my shuffle now though and I was really impressed with her vocal.
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  6. I love this song. It's very Spice Girlsy to me

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  7. It feels like Spice Girls meets Janet Jackson. This makes me look forward to delving into her discography.

    Edit: This song also has me wondering @American Popjustice users, is Koo Koo Roo still a thing?
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  8. Yea totally! giggle included
  9. It is indeed very girl group-y! In fact it was covered that same year on N-TYCE's album.
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  10. Cool will check it out
  11. What are the albums like?
  12. Good question! I have Centipede on CD (one of those cheap-on-Funktowngrooves buys), but I've only used the title cut for compilations and playlists, etc. Been tempted to get the follow-up as well.
  13. What’s her relationship like with Latoya ?
  14. Love the Yours Faithfully album. I didn't like any of her 80s stuff though, La Toya had the best output in the 80s, Janet in the 90s.

    This was my favourite from the album:

    It reminds me of Cece Peniston's Finally (one of my all time favourite songs).
  15. She had some good singles, but even though I have listened to most of her albums not a lot of it was very memorable.
  16. Something I did not expect at all, a new song featuring Rebbie. She's still got it.

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  17. I was just thinking of her voice this morning - I think out of the three Jackson sisters, her voice is the nicest
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  18. She does not have a lot of range, but I always liked the soothing quality of her voice on her ballads.
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  19. Love Rebbie! "Yours Faithfully" is my fav of hers, but this one is a cutie too! Rebbie covering Smokey Robinson's / The Miracles "Fork in the road".
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  20. I need to dig out my Rebbie CDs again. I used to love Centipede.
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