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Rebecca Black - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Hitori, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. So she made a post on Twitter yesterday, and... it looks like this might be more of a EP...

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  2. Boo. I was really hoping for an album. Oh well.
  3. 1. Better In My Memory
    2. Personal
    3. NGL
    4. Blue
    5. Worth It for the Feeling
    6. Girlfriend
  4. I like this. My only complaint is just that I found the first two tracks way better than the rest, pushing down personal could have caused a better tracklist? I don't know.

    I dig the style she is delving into. Definitely following her more closely
  5. She went and did what she had to do.
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  6. Okay yeah, this slaps. It’s much more solid than RE/BL which had two amazing tracks and three that were…there. Everything in this little package stands on its own.

  7. Ok ok, this is great
  8. This project is very good. Obviously it's inspired by Charli XCX, but what inspiration she is.
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  9. This is front-to-back great. I'm so proud.
  10. Better in my Memory fucking slaps.
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  11. If you would have told me I would eventually be hammering the absolute shit out of a Rebecca Black project 10 years ago when Friday dropped I would have thought you were crazy.

    so. Good!!
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  12. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Wait this is quite good! The Hyperpop-lite lane she’s going in fits her really well.
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  13. Okay the whole EP is pretty much 10s across the board.
  14. She's serving in the yellow jacket and wet red hair lewk.
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  15. Only just discovered Girlfriend. Gorgeous!
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  16. "Girlfriend" remains of the best pieces of sapphic music creation in modern musical history.

    Frame it in a museum next to "Girls Like Girls".
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  17. jtm


    Oh wait Worth It For The Feeling is on my Release Radar and it’s so good. From Rebecca Black? I‘m shook but totally here for this.
  18. Worth It For the Feeling is sublime. And I love the EP. Adding on her recent singles, "Self Sabotage", "Anyway", "Sweetheart", "Do You" and "Closer" (as the closer) makes it a great, full album experience.

    The (amazing) album cover is a rip-off though, right? I remember seeing an up-and-coming female (possibly British) artist's billboard on social media which looked very similar but I can't remember her name.
  19. Lesbian is my favourite music genre

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