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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Hitori, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. Worth It For the Feeling is still my favorite from the EP but it's all excellence. Personal in particular has had ridiculous legs, I've been spinning it even more now that we have the full project.
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  2. I have bopped to some of her other stuff but this ep is legitimately great. I-
  3. New EP is brilliant. Rebecca has been delivering great bops consistently for a while now. Her music is amazing and she deserves more recognition.
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  4. The "Sky Ferreira" line made me check out NGL and I really like it. I'll get around to the entire EP at some point but I really think the next 18 months could be really interesting for her if she keeps momentum going. An album in this nature by the end of the year would be a great move forward.

    I'm still obsessed with the cover.
  5. I'm craving an album but this entire package is 10/10. Can we get a 10 inch vinyl, Miss Rebecca?
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  6. Better in my Memory sounds like a good version of what Ariana has tried to do a few times.
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  7. Okay this EP is actually amazing, NGL is so addictive.
  8. I'm kinda shook at how good this EP is. Like I did not expect this. The sapphic bops is just the cherry on top.

    Also can anyone please tell me what other song the beat from Better In My Memory reminds me of?
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  9. Listened to this today, and was surprised how great it is! The "hyper-pop" lane she's in at the moment is a perfect fit for her.
  10. Looks like she's been back in the studio and tagged Nate Campany and Kyle Shearer yes keep the bops coming.
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  11. Hello gays I'm just here to say that Girlfriend is a superb little track, Anyway is instantly iconic and that Rebecca deserves the world. She sounds great on her new EP and I'm so proud of the place she's found herself in musically.
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  12. Better in My Memory, NGL, Personal… whew. EP of the year.
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  14. London is close to sell out (think only Ticketweb still have tickets). Great that she’s finally touring over here, the EP is one of my favourite releases of the year.

  15. Of course I'm going!
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  16. As if I got tickets for Saturday and now there's a friday gig.
  17. Just coming here to say the way Girlfriend is like a massive release of serotonin is AMAZING. What a star she is.
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  18. This has the potential to be very iconic.
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  19. I can't believe Rebecca Black is supposed to coming to Berlin and performs at Kantine at Berghain. Not that especially exclusive but reading her name together with Berghain is still as random as it gets for concerts,.
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