Rebecca Black - Let Her Burn

I’ve revisited the album today after not playing it for a little while, Crumbs and Misery Loves Company aside as they’re still on heavy rotation for me.

This is a damn solid album and I’m glad things worked out for her how they did. I’m really looking forward to what she delivers next.
I’m really looking forward to (eventually) receiving my vinyl. I hope she keeps up the momentum though, I want another album from her already!
Mine has shipped and is estimated to come mid/late next week - I’m taking this as a sign that I spoke it into existence!


I had the chance of seeing her live last night at Hyde Park… What a fantastic set. I really didn’t know what to expect, but she’s magnetic on stage and really took me by surprise. I can’t help but root for her.

I think the most important bit is that tons of people around me didn’t know her material other than “Friday” and seemed to genuinely enjoy her new music.

Without hesitation, I’d go see her again at a headline show next time, whew.
So happy (and jealous) of everyone who managed to see her at BST - I keep missing her gigs here in London. This record just doesn't get boring no matter how many times I play it. The production is meaty as hell, theres hook after hook after hook and Rebecca is just effortlessy giving cunt on every track - what's not to enjoy?
The album has randomly come back to my rotation.
The way 'What Am I Gonna Do With You?' sounds like this intersection of Kylie and Goldfrapp. Brilliance.

But the moment that forever has me in a chokehold;

Every time you see me do you hear violins?
Cut a little deeper, there's no reaching the end
Watch me while I crash and burn again and again
Go ahead; desTROY me, desTROY me
Feeling pretty cute until I ran into you
Chewеd me up and spit me out like gum on your shoе
And if you're free and you've got nothing better to do
Go ahead,
desTROY me, desTROY me
Currently revisiting after giving the album a break, and she really did that. I'm sad the gays haven't flocked to this album like it deserves, but I hope she continues to build off what she's done here.
I think it’s my favourite pop album this year. Concise, high quality, and a tasteful mixture of the hyperpop-ified sound Charli and Slayyyter go for, but also throw in a couple soft 80s prom night Carly sounds too.

Seems a lot of critique comes from it not going “alternative” enough… but does it need to? 10 solid, well written tracks that Rebecca should be proud of. The gays will come around eventually.
Yeah the album is already great at is and I trust her vision. There are enough artists doing more or less succesful / more or less watered down versions of hyperpop that this genre doesn't sound as exciting to my ears as it did between 2013 - 2019. I'd rather she doesn't only stay in that lane like these peeps may wish, and doesn't get put into a narrow box as a consequence. In the long run, it'll benefit her.