Rebecca Black - Let Her Burn

Going to make people listen to Destroy Me / What Am I Gonna Do With You and then tell them it's Rebecca Black just to see their reactions.

What an album.
This is fantastic as expected. She really can blend styles well going and I enjoy the tracks with the rockier edges. A triumph for pop music.
Very cute album. It's short and sweet, but she's lowkey in her Britney/Charli bag.

As usual, my favorites are the ones where the production is pushed pedal to the metal. Crumbs is still my favorite, followed by Destroy Me (very Poppy), Sick to my Stomach, Doe Eyed (enjoy the subtle production flourishes here), and What Am I Gonna Do With You. The album kind of falls off a bit for me near the end with Cry Hard Enough and Look At You, but Performer's an intriguing closer.

Excited to spend more time with it, but I'm impressed on first listen. What a development.
This is a fantastic album! I'm truly so proud of her and will be promoting this to all of my friends. What Am I Gonna Do With You and Misery Loves Company are the ones on repeat right now.
It's all great, her melodies are what really push this beyond just being more PC music pop (not that that would be the worst thing anyway!).

Misery Loves Company is the one, I mean that ethereal chorus??

Typically, my response to something this surprisingly good would be “she has no right making something this good.” But after listening to some recent interviews, she absolutely does have a right to make something this good. She’s really been through the ringer and she came out of it putting her whole foot into a record… We love to see it!
The album is brilliant, really impressed. I can’t say I’m surprised though as Rebecca Black Was Here was also great and I’m looking forward to where she goes next.

My only criticism would be that she has a tendency to miss out a final chorus and have a big moment at the end of songs. It was the same with songs like Personal where another go at the chorus at end would have been nice.

Misery Loves Company is begging for its amazing chorus to be sang more than twice. None of her songs are bloated so a big chorus with some additional production at the end would really work for me.
I can't stop playing this, it's got such great moments. 'Erase You' and 'Performer' are perfect opening and closing tracks.

She's certainly channeling slayyyter/charli/poppy/britney but almost as if her swath of references were like offshoot remixes/leaks and hidden gems by those artists. The production is sparkling and modern and I think her voice is great for these songs.