Rebecca Black - Let Her Burn

Phenomenal album. The second half honestly feels much stronger than the first. I mean, Sick To My Stomach, What Am I Gonna Do With You, Look At You? All 10s.
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Destroy Me

Gotta say, Heaven is a bit of a shit venue but at least they have a curfew so I’m on the train back to Brighton already.
The album is just as good live. Rebecca is an incredible performer and deserves to be huge
I feel like a proud Mum, she was so good tonight. It was my second time seeing her and she was always great but has got so much better. The new album really does come to life live and she carries it all with so much charm and charisma.

You could feel the love and passion in the room. When she spoke about how she once only sold 8 tickets for a show and the way she channelled all of that into her music and built everything for herself. My heart.