Rebecca Black - Let Her Burn

The way Doe Eyed sits right at the unexpected intersection of Charli and Ariana. Her mind!
Only had one listen but I loved how slightly off center the whole album was. It would be easy for her to make an album of Spotify-ready generic pop but she throws a crunchy guitar or glitched out beat when you least expect it. Really pleased to see this evolution!
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The Pitchfork review seems like it’s being mean for the sake of it, because nothing they’re saying even makes sense? How is she jumping on the dead hyperpop “trend” when she’s been participating in it for the last ~3 years? And I don’t even consider this album to be hyperpop to begin with? Sonically, it’s pretty varied and doesn’t stick to just one genre and it manages to feel cohesive despite this.
I quit reading the review once I got to "the most joyless and interminably dull pop record of the past few years" part. What are they talking about? I feel bad for her because you can tell she's still insecure about the way she's perceived by the wider public and even during the London show she kept referencing how thankful she is for her fanbase despite those who "make fun of people who listen to Rebecca Black". I think she's really blossoming into an exciting artist and the record is genuinely a breeze to listen to. Crumbs alone is one of my favourite pop girl songs of the past few months. Does Pitchfork ever write anything positive?
4.4?? Pitchfork can fucking rot. The album is a complete slay no matter which way you look at it. If Dua released this very album it would be critically acclaimed and praised for moving the needle of pop music into new territory, but whatever. Rebecca should be massively proud of this body of work, it all works and makes sense and slaps.
Unfortunately her name may never be able to escape pre conceived notions people will have about her music - despite the fact that anyone with an ounce of intelligence knows that “Friday” was merely a child coerced into making an attempt at a viral moment without realizing it herself at the time. I think the space she carved for herself in spite of that is truly commendable, not only a testament to her talent as an artist but clearly displaying the right instincts to craft fantastic pop music. You must be a really miserable person to hate on Rebecca Black in 2023. Give it up, deelishis.