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wildcard said:
Occasionally, my Mum gets me to make a compilation disc of all the "cool" things around in music at the minute as she is sort of out of touch now (bless her), you know, like the XX, Mumford & Sons, Florence etc...

She just asked me to make another one and I'm so tagging this on the end. She'll love it.

Aw thats a lovely idea! might do that for my momma.
Re: Rebecca Black - "Friday"

JadeFan said:
What's wrong with aOblivious?

Clearly was stumped as to which seat to take...

I don't want to download it but I keep hovering around the "buy" button. I can't part with 79p, despite it being 'fun fun fun fun'... I wonder if Amazon have it?!

Edit: They do!
All this uncertainty has stemmed from listening to this too much!
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Genie WooHoo has kindly given me Friday afternoons I-Tunes chart, our girls taking over.