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Rebuild of the Anime Thread

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by 3Xs, Jun 2, 2013.

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    No dubs ever is the correct answer! Sailor Moon's comedy shines so much in Japanese, and everything else in it for that matter.

    Luckily the Latin American dub was great and did not censor anything, nor butchered the episodes (Sailor Moon was the same).

    Card Captor Sakura was so important for me as a kid as well, and it still holds up beautifully. You can see the dedication and love behind both the manga and anime. There was no filler, and it's oh so beautiful.

    No Eriol and Prof Mizuki, either, please.

    ps: I also live for Tomoyo I'm rich but my most prized possession is an eraser my cousin who I am in love with gave me Daidouji. @send photo
  2. I absolutely love Sakura, but I'm a bit scared the remake/whatever will fall short on its arse just like the Sailor Moon one... (Or worse, the Dragon Ball one)
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  3. I watched Your Name in the movies today and I'm still SHOOK.
  4. There's a great sale on Studio Ghibli blu-rays on Amazon right now. I just picked up Princess Mononoke for $14.99. Thought some of y'all might be excited about that.
  5. Haikyuu is the best anime on air right now.
  6. Yuri on Ice is sooooooooo great. It has such love for its source material it'd be worthwhile even if the story were garbage. It includes these incredibly specific details about the world of figure skating and figure skating fandom, and it's that the people working on it have a deep and true affection for the source material. It's great to watch something created with such care.
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  7. Too bad that they already went out of budget so skating animation looks just awful...
    Anyway, just 2 episodes left till end of the season...there is still no official confirmation of season 2, but I'm pretty sure there will be...
  8. I've been binge watching this show during the weekend and it's phenomenal. I'm sad there's only one episode left and I really do hope there's a second season.

    What I love most about this show is how it portrays Yuri's anxiety in such a realistic manner. I don't think I've ever related as much to a character in an anime, actually any kind of medium... I'm just so used to a character having their insecurities vanish after they enter into a relationship. But that didn't happen here. Victor helped Yuri bring out his confidence, and he's in a much better place than when he was crying alone in a bathroom stall, but it's something that he has to continue to work on. I can't even begin to express how much I appreciate that.
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  9. So the show just ended and it was interesting ride, last episode felt somehow...anticlimactic, like I'm watching sixth or seventh episode, not the last one. JJ got a medal and that's the only thing that matter.
    Engrish at the end of the last episode confirmed that there will be seasone two, so let's just hope they will have bigger budget to animate those skating scenes better and develop relationship between Viktor and Yuri.
    Can't wait.
  10. IT'S

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  11. Also Ao no Exorcist's 2nd season is starting January 17th!
  12. I've recently watched Boku No Hero Academia and wow that was soooooo good. It really gives me One Piece meets Attack On Titan vibes which is amazing. 2nd season this spring!!! Im also considering reading the manga. Already love it more than Naruto, Bleach and similar shounens (nothing beats One Piece though)

    Super hyped about the Attack On Titan 2nd season (fucking finally)

    About to start Yuri On Ice in a few minutes, hope its good!
  13. Boku no Hero Academia was great.
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  14. I just finished the movie Your Name (Kimi no Na wa) and wowwwwwwwwwwww maybe the best anime movie I've ever seen!?

    Still in tears tbh
  15. I said it in December, and I'll say it now. I'm still SHOOK about Your Name. My friends I watched it with were crying in the cinemas, but I was literally feeling anxious, not sad, ANXIOUS.

    Very good movie.

    PS. Someone please tell me that there's an anime out there as funny as Nichijou, because I need to know.
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    Your Name was excellent, just saw it last week. The moment when you realise the whole thing, ugh, gut wrenching.

    I thought the music sometimes was a choice, and it cheapened the experience ever so slightly.
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    Haven't watched Nichijou, but maybe try Azumanga? It's so ridiculously funny.
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  18. Thank you! Will give it a bash soon. And if you can find a way to watch it, I can not recommend Nichijou enough. It might genuinely be one of my favourite shows ever. I still laugh at it even though I've watched it so many times.
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  19. I know that I'm extra late, but I finally took to watch FMA I just can't stop.
    Next thing is probably Eureka 7.
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  20. Why are they making a live action Deathnote?
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