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Rebuild of the Anime Thread

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by 3Xs, Jun 2, 2013.

  1. He


    I had no idea that was a project. And a movie...

    Not at all looking forward for another live action take on anime. It never works.
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  2. This just looks bad...on so many levels. Has anyone watched japanese Death Note move from a last year?
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    I haven't and most likely won't. But I did catch the Attack On Titan one. Amazingly bad.

  4. Does that count?
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  5. The only Death Note adaptation I'll ever accept:

  6. Wasn't there also J-drama, K-drama and other Asian remakes of Death Note? I remember L from INFINITE starring in one.
  7. Because nothing is sacred anymore.
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  8. He


    Also, why whitewash it? The show is full of Japanese references, down the name and characters.
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  9. I want to watch it only because I like Erika Toda as an actress...but yeah I guess it just another excuse to milk the franchise.
  10. Wait a fucking second I don't trust anything released today.
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  11. Don't worry, boo. April 1st is apparently Sakura's birthday and the release of that trailer was meant to coincide with that.
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  12. *continues dying*
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  13. [​IMG]

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  14. I was gonna take a screenshot of eternal goddess for a new avi later. So what is this, a continuation?
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  15. From my understanding, this is a prequel to the new anime series (the Clear Card arc) that's being released next year. It's supposed to cover parts of the manga that the original anime glossed over.

    And it looks so fucking good.
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  16. Why Sailor Moon Crystal couldnt look like this....still happy for CCS, my second favourite magical girl


    I just realized today is the start of both 2nd seasons for Attack On Titan and My Hero Academia

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  17. The 4 year wait was worth it, the new Attack on Titan episode was lit!!

    That SOUNDTRACK ugh!!! Outstanding!
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