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Recording Academy investigating gender bias

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Feb 2, 2018.

  1. The Recording Academy have just revealed plans to launch a task force to investigate gender bias at the Grammys. Here is the academy president’s letter:

    But that’s not all... minutes after this announcement, an open letter signed by several female executives in the music industry was published, calling for the Recording Academy president to resign:

    I figured this deserved its own thread, since it’s likely going to be a discussion that continues beyond this year’s tragic ceremony.
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  2. Neil should step down and let a female take the reins.
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  3. A progressive female. Lord knows that patriarchy has claimed the minds of many women.
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  4. I think we should give it to Hillary, let her have a crown.
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  5. Katy would finally win a Grammy.
  6. Good, was about time.
  7. I am... 100% clueless about what any of this means. I understand why it is far more challenging and unfair for women to make it in the business (like any business) but that is as far as I can... see. Is that what we're talking about here?

    edit: Okay I think I got the info I wanted:
    I think Sheryl Crow's suggestion would be a good start. Why wasn't this the case in the first place? It seems like such an obvious and essential thing:
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  8. A woman would gladly step up and take his place.
  9. Will we get an independent review of their blatant racism too?

    We won't.
  10. I've concluded that the Grammys are biased against women. There, the case is closed, the jig is up, everyone can go home.

  11. If Neil stays, they'll rig it so Taylor wins every award and they can claim a women 'stepped up' to sweep the major categories and then go back to the same male-dominated bullshit the next year. He needs to go
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  12. Feels like the equivalent of Miramax investigating sexual assault. But hopefully it’s a good start, and not just pacification.

    Portnow’s comments seemed to suggest that the idea of Taylor sweeping next year would right all wrongs with people taking issue with the male domination of these awards. I’m still half expecting this to be the case, and for it to never to be broached again after next years awards. “You got what you wanted! A woman won!”, without addressing the huge inequality. Taylor or any one woman winning isn’t the issue, it’s the representation throughout the categories.

    Gender specific categories really should return, if only to avoid the predictable steamrolling of women, but I’m not sure I see that happening.
  13. Or worse, let Taylor win with authentic album track "New Year's Eve." Which is entirely plausible.
  14. I'm not sure how I feel about this. On one hand, it's definitely well-intentioned, and it'd definitely let women have an equal share of the spotlight. And we already do Best Actor/Best Actress at the Oscars and the Emmys.

    But on the other hand, where would nonbinary performers be nominated? Would they just be shafted? Or, what about mixed gender collaborations?
  15. Yeah, I was thinking about that too. It definitely seems to me like that would be "the next step"... Maybe a further split to make an LGBTQ category? Not sure how that would work though... It would partly overlap with male and female. It would still feel "unfair". Mixed gender collaborations, as in, duet albums? Groups? Wouldn't those be their own categories anyway? I just don't think that including all of these in the same category is a better option, as fewer groups of people are being represented and celebrated that way.
  16. The VMAs just got rid of male/female categories to make it gender neutral though, it's interesting to see two sides of the argument. Both are well intentioned but who's doing it right?
  17. The only thing I can think of would be to have the gender neutral "Artist of the Year", "Producer of the Year" etc, and then also have "Female/Male/LGBTQ Artist/Producer of the Year" categories. It may appear silly, but the more people being single out as exceptional in their fields and celebrated, the better. No?
  18. Bye!
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  20. Neil retiring is good, but the real problem continues to be the lack of diversity in membership. The pool of voters is simply too old, white, and male. Dues should be comped for qualifying music journalists and songwriters.

    Also, if the Recording Academy really wants to make the process fair, members must be disqualified from final-round voting in any category in which they are biased in favor of or have a financial interest in one or more of the nominees.
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