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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Ceir, Jan 29, 2018.

  1. Woooooo boy!
    Let's talk about SM's youngest girl group.

    From left to right: Joy, Yeri, Irene, Seulgi, Wendy.
    I'll try to flesh out member bios later...

    --I'm linking all the music videos in the discography, since I can't embed that many Youtube videos--



    Non - album singles!

    Be Natural (S.E.S. remake)

    Ice Cream Cake mini-album


    Ice Cream Cake
    Something Kinda Crazy
    Stupid Cupid
    Take Slow

    The Red Album


    Dumb Dumb
    Huff n Puff
    Red Dress
    Oh Boy
    Lady's Room
    Time Slip
    Don't U Wait No More
    Day 1
    Cool World

    The Velvet mini-album


    One of These Nights
    Cool Hot Sweet Love
    Light Me Up
    First Time
    Rose Scent Breeze
    A bunch of remixes no one cares about.

    Russian Roulette mini-album


    Russian Roulette
    Lucky Girl
    Bad Dracula
    Sunny Afternoon
    Some Love
    My Dear

    Rookie mini-album


    Little Little
    Happily Ever After
    Talk to Me
    Body Talk
    마지막 사랑 (Last Love) - Wendy Solo

    The Red Summer mini-album


    Red Flavor
    You Better Know
    Hear the Sea

    The Perfect Velvet Album


    I Just
    Kingdom Come
    My Second Date
    Perfect 10
    About Love
    Moonlight Melody

    The Perfect Red Velvet (Perfect Velvet repackage)


    Bad Boy
    All Right
    Time to Love
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  2. R92


    My favourite girl group ever *runs*
  3. Their best song *runs* *trips*

  4. They’re just too good *sobs*
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  5. We don't deserve them. They're probably the first group where I've loved pretty much every song they've ever put out. Queens of content control. I'm jealous of Blackpink fans because I SO wish the RV gals could get a tv show but at least they put out music ddd.

    Since I've never had the chance to share this story, now's a good time. My best friends in college went to a private boarding school in Minnesota with Wendy and they used to eat lunch with her almost every day. They did theatre together and so Wendy sat with them even though she was a few years younger. Wendy was Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz and my bff was the Wicked Witch.

    They had no idea she was famous until a year ago we were on vacation together and I played the Russian Roulette video. I mentioned her name and they mentioned that she looked familiar and lo and behold, her wiki page confirms they went to the same boarding school. I saw them recently and now my friend is trying to get in touch with her somehow to congratulate her on her success at my messy urging.

  6. They have a show...kinda. They just did the second season recently.
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  7. Red Velvet is definitely the best girl group of the newer generation yeah? They're so well rounded with quality music, I love them.
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  8. Yeri is the best member.

    Evidence A:
  9. Inland Empire

    Inland Empire Staff Member

    Hi, just popping in to say Bad Boy cured my depression and cleared my skin.
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  10. So I might just be hyping them up way too much, but does anyone else feel like the whole world should be aware of Red Velvet???
  11. I am thrilled for them that Russian Roulette is their first music video to reach 100 millions views on Youtube.
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  12. Me when Perfect Velvet came out :

    Hmm it's no The Red but has 2-3 nice songs.

    Me since last week that it finally clicked with me:

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  13. [​IMG]

    Welcome to the party, sis!
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  14. The other two new tracks on the other hand, are not good. But really, I was expecting that for a SM repackage.
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  15. All Right makes me think of early 90s anime intros, so I oddly like it...

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  16. I think they've become something really great, but I find their releases a bit hit and miss. Either I'm obsessed (Ice Cream Cake, Peekaboo, Red Summer, Automatic) or I'm not fussed at all (One of Those Nights, Rookie, Dumb Dumb).

    It's a shame that f(x) had to die so that they could live. I really think RV's material is a continuation of f(x)'s sound.
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  17. Bad Boy first win, not waiting for ages like with Peek-A-Boo, congrats queens!

  18. Bad Boy is a bop.
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  19. So if this has already been discussed in the general thread then I apologize, but I figured it would be good to use this thread as well...
    They're performing in North Korea this weekend...
  20. I can't wait for Yeri to singlehandedly bring about world peace.
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