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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Ceir, Jan 29, 2018.

  1. Random thought but I can't believe there was a time when 90% of K-Pop fans (myself included) didn't know any members aside from Irene. Like how couldn't we tell Seulgi apart from Yeri?
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  2. I love it way more than I thought I would from the teaser, thank god. Those harmonies and that middle 8 though, wow.
  3. Sassy Me might be the funniest song I've heard this year. I screamed during the second verse.
  4. Where is my scalp?
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  5. After spending time with the new mini, i have come to conclusion that it is flawfree and RV is probably my favorite girl group.

    RBB is different. I love that nobody expected a track like this for an obvious follow up to Bad Boy. I, for one, love how crazy it is. Queens of experimentalism. The music video is their best also. The Shining reference, horror aspects, the Peak-a-boo throwback with them collecting trophies etc.. I stan five legends

    Butterflies and So Good are great tracks. I know people are disappointed with RBB (the song) but these two should be appreciated by everyone. The adlibs and vocal harmonies on the last chorus of So Good is heavenly.

    Sassy Me is more like an acquired taste but i fucking love it. The demented and sexy verses just slay me. Joy and Seulgi is fire and i screamed when Wendy joined them at the second verse.

    Taste is such a great throwback to 90s R&B. It is my least favorite at this moment but still what a jam.
  6. I'm so sad this is underperforming so bad, it's probably my all time fave Red Velvet single, but it is quite a risky release.. I'm sure they'll be back on top with whatever is coming.
  7. Is this doing that bad? Damn.
  8. RBB is RV's Red Light.

    (Or wants to be.)
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  9. This is really cute:

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  10. The latest EP charted at 3 with around 84k which is really good. But the title track has totally bombed peaking at 26.

    I reckon they’ll end promotions quick and have a repack for January.
  11. Is it just me or does the thought of a new SM girl group in 2019 fill anyone else with 80% excitement and 20% dread?
  12. Nailed it.
  13. I expect the single to at least enter top 20 on its second week since it was released on a Friday after all. But 26 is still such a floppy position jqhdhsjsjjsjsjs. What the fuck.
  14. It's not all bad news for Red Velvet...
    Apparently the mini album's opening week was their best ever in the US...
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  15. RBB has reached #10 now which is a lot better.

    5k in the US too.
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  16. Happy new year unnies x

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  17. Tasteful and Vocalist Maknae jumped out

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  18. Wait I just saw this. Did @enjoy delete their account?
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