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Red Velvet

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Ceir, Jan 29, 2018.

  1. ok but where were you when Yeri and Irene's second verse on Sappy oblitared my wig?
  2. YAS.
  3. Somebody come take my stan card I just found out they released a second Japanese single a week ago...
    Listening to it now and I'm utterly confused...

  4. I have just seen this and oh my god at Irene quietly slipping the answer to Yeri with a stone cold face. What a boss.
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  5. Those are some interesting choices.


    The full interview is rather lovely, though.
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  6. Well Irene may have a questionable answer at that question (at least she did not say Jessie J. Wendy sis wyd?) but at least she picked So Good as her favorite RBB song. Bias jumped out.
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  7. She actually sings really well on So Good. I didn't even recognize her at first.
    Yeri and Irene's voices sounded better than they ever have on the RBB album.
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  8. Wendy stanning Jessie J makes so much sense.
  9. WENDY: I want to recommend NCT’s songs! NCT, which stands for ‘Neo Culture Technology,’ extends to sub-units NCT 127, NCT DREAM, and NCT U, and the reason why I want to recommend their songs is that all the units have their own distinct music styles, in addition to really dynamic performances. Especially for those who are big K-Pop fans, NCT is definitely a group that delivers a fresh take and perspective on K-Pop.

    Fkdnkndkdndmdnf the desperate plug.
  10. @Slice of Life behind her in that interview

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  11. John Mayer, Tori Kelly and Jessie J???

  12. I’m seeing Red Velvet in concert tonight in LA. My life is about to change. I can feel it in my bones.
  13. Tell us every detail you can possibly take in...
  14. I will! I got front row tickets. So I’ll be close enough to even see Joy’s pores... or lack of.
  15. Happy birthday to iconic Aquarius Seulgi!

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  16. Yas queen of avoiding the Michelle of signs that is Pisces.

    If only I could too.
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  17. Happy Birthday to my fave! Those baby pictures are so cute.

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  18. Seulgi geeking over vinyl. An intellectual.
  19. Okay, so here's the deal.

    I just saw RV at the NJPAC tonight and I have to take back everything I ever said about Irene. I've never seen her perform with so much verve and pinache. Must be something about a live concert audience that puts her in the zone.

    And then she spazzed and fucked up three times during Rookie. But that made it even better because nobody does that more entertainingly than Irene. Like she did it just for Cotton.

    They were all incredible. Wendy, Joy and Yeri particularly charismatic and in tune with the audience. Great vibes. Seulgi consumate professional, soldiered through an illness and actually had some kind of warddrobe malfunction - I didn't see it, but I think that was what set Irene off into giggling loss of concentration and timing for a few priceless moments. Irene is just fun to watch when she's locked in. So serene and graceful. Gleaming smiles all night.

    I'll post some photos, maybe some crappy but illustrative video clips tomorrow when I get back on Cape.

    Bottom line: two hours of joy and adrenaline and happiness.
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  20. I’m still in awe of that show. They were amazing, the venue was amazing, and I’m still really at a loss for words.
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