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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Ceir, Jan 29, 2018.

  1. So if this has already been discussed in the general thread then I apologize, but I figured it would be good to use this thread as well...
    They're performing in North Korea this weekend...
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  2. I can't wait for Yeri to singlehandedly bring about world peace.
  3. turd.jpg
    Hopefully wearing this classic while she's at it. A Marvel series in the making...
  4. Okay, they don't look that terrified. Less terrified than I would be. Courageous Red Velvet!

    (They looked completely scared to death in the first gif I saw...)

  5. Dddd at the Bang Bang inspired song being their best-seller in the US (Ariana, ha impact).
    Russian Roulette deserved.

    Billboard should release digital sales / streaming figures for k-pop groups more often.
  6. Dumb Dumb being on Billboard's best girl group songs of all time list is still such a kii.
  7. I'm dying you guys.

    There's this daily email newsletter thing I subscribe to called TheSkimm, which basically recaps the daily news and sends it out so I can pretend to be paying attention to the world. It always opens with a quote or weird news story and yesterday's was:

  8. geureoni malhae (geurae geurae malhae)
    geureoni malhae (geurae geurae malhae)
    neoye saekkallo
    nal muldeuryeo jweo deo jinhage
  9. I think I'm going to Chicago after all.
  10. Yes! Take pictures and video! Let me live vicariously through you, thanks!
  11. Have fun sis!
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  12. Starting to like Rookie more than Russian Roulette.
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  13. I totally did... even more than I thought I would...

    Despite a bout with brochitis and an ear infection which cut my vacation trip short, I did make it to the Rosemont to see Red Velvet's first US fan meet. The worst part about the whole thing was finding out that Joy (my bias) wasn't going to be there... but considering recent events, I wasn't surprised, but it was a disappointment. Just the same...

    The show was set for 7pm, but people started lining up to get in in the early afternoon. This was a little after 4pm: _20180429_161220.jpg
    It was standing room only. I doubt they could have asked for a better turnout. I didn't see any empty seats. It was an amazingly diverse (and I think predominantly female) crowd and everyone was really, really nice and I met a lot of great people. Having been to a lot of rock, jazz, blues and R&B concerts, this was really, really different... I can't really describe it properly. The good vibe, general friendliness and diversity was wonderful.
    My cheap phone's camera kind of sucks, so let me just say here that Red Velvet was much, much closer than it seems in these pictures. Kind of like a side view mirror on a car... Objects are closer than they appear...

    Red Velvet came out to deafening, deafening screams and performed "Red Flavor."
    Afterwards they did introductions.
    They had a host or an MC who kind of tried to make it into live version of "Idol Weekly," basically, but he was no Donnie and Coni. But he did his best.... After a fan-made video and a video from Joy saying she wished she could be there (in English!) they did a "Idol Weekly" random dance thing, and Wendy was voted the winner (I voted for Seulgi, but it was close) and Irene was voted the loser and had to do a "sexy dance" as a punishment... she got all embarrassed after doing some very lovely twirls, then the others did one, too...
    Then more songs, a medley of "Moonlight Melody" (pleasant surprise but mostly because they knocked it out of the park - really nice ballad) and "Russian Roulette" which was odd without Joy, but fun nonetheless...
    Then they did this random question thing, with questions submitted on little sticky notes. This is where the "don't be a racist" thing supposedly happened (and I thought that's what the person said, too, but was far, far away from it) but it turned out that the person was saying "come to Kansas!" Wendy responded by saying she hoped to visit "all 50 US states." and I thought it was an odd answer, and she kind of sputtered a little, flustered, but knowing that the person was saying "come to Kansas" her answer makes more sense. Here's that approximate moment: _20180429_195052.jpg
    Then they did this game that involved guessing how each member would answer a certain question and it went on way too long, since there were literally thousands of people there playing along, with about five finally winning... something... no idea what....

    And then they performed three songs "Rookie," "Peek A Boo," and "Bad Boy" and that was it. I may have the order of things messed up a little, the two hours went by so fast, but that's the jist of it. A couple thoughts about the members:
    • Wendy talked less than I thought she would, since I thought she would be doing a lot of translating, but she didn't at all: the host did. I can't say she was subdued, but she wasn't out front as much as I've seen her on YouTube stuff. There was a lot of love for Wendy there... She got very emotional at the end, and you could her eyes tearing up. This was a big deal for her.
    • Seulgi doesn't speak much, but she is such an amazing dancer and performer in general - but most of you know that already, just seeing her in person really brought it home.
    • Irene is STUNNING. Again, we knew that, but honestly, her pictures don't even do her justice. And that ponytail combo that cameoed in "Red Flavor" and was more developed in "Bad Boy" is now epic, huge, wild and long. Even thought she's quiet, she really seemed to be having a great time. She laughed out loud a couple times and grinned a lot.
    • Yeri surprised me the most and I've never really been much of a Yeri fan. She surprised a lot of people that I talked to, actually. First of all, she spoke in English ENTIRELY, didn't struggle with it, even threw in some idiomatic or slang American phrases. The host translated stuff for Seulgi and Irene, but not Yeri. And she was easily the most outgoing of the members. She's very at ease with a large crowd, making eye contact, responding cheerfully to members of the audience, just a presence I didn't know she had. Maybe Seohyun has coached her on how to be an awesome maknae, because she really won over the crowd. EDIT: I forgot to mention, she also sang Joy's parts, but I'm not sure how many, I know she did in Bad Boy.
    Most of all, the crowd. Very friendly, diverse, supportive. I met a lot of great people from all walks of life, and it actually made me proud to be a KPop fan.
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  14. So happy you had a great time @Cotton Park

    Rosemont is such a weird place, though. It's so like "fake" commercialized and a tad bit eerie, but it's cute now that they modernized it the past few years.
  15. I could see that, it looks like a mall or a department store from the outside, but the inside was a little more warm. Cozy. No complaints, really, every seat seemed like good ones.
  16. So happy you now stan Yerim "Katy" Kim, @Cotton Park oppa. ♡
  17. I'm looking for the "TURD" shirt on Red Bubble at this very moment...
  18. Friendly reminder that Cool World is the best song of all time xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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