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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Ceir, Jan 29, 2018.

  1. Thank you so much.

    I really needed this one after the day I've had, @Slice of Life -

    It's number 2 on my current ever changing top ten revelist.
    Current top ten - or just the songs I find myself listening to the most...
    1. Kingdom Come
    2. Cool World (2:21 - 2:55 is absolutely fucking magic.)
    3. Automatic
    4. Cool Hot Sweet Love
    5. Happily Ever After
    6. Look (or BWA)
    7. Huff-N-Puff (play this one REALLY LOUD)
    8. My Dear (I know... I know.... but it is... I just love that they do songs my gramma would like...)
    9. One Of These Nights (ditto.)
    10. Peek-A-Boo (a month ago this wouldn't be anywhere near this list, but seeing them do this and Rookie both live and in person greatly elevated my appreciation of both songs.)

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  2. Oh my. I don't think I can do this right here, right now. I'll come up with a revelist #soon.
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  3. My top 10 of them in no particular order:

    Peek-A-Boo (their best)
    Kingdom Come
    Cool Hot Sweet Love
    Somethin Kinda Crazy
    Bad Boy
    You Better Know
    Red Flavor

    I'm clearly a Velvet stan.
  4. Top 10 in no particular order.

    Ice Cream Cake
    Dumb Dumb
    Cool World
    Russian Roulette
    I Just
    Red Flavour
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  5. No love for this little gem?

  6. This might be their best album track.
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  7. Any news of when these girls are coming back? Asking for a friend.
  8. They will release a Japanese mini album (including three new songs and Japanese versions of Dumb Dumb, RR and Red Flavor) in July.

  10. 1. Automatic (the most perfect & faithful homage to the golden age of R&B that K-Pop has ever seen so far)
    2. Russian Roulette
    3. Red Flavor
    4. Rookie (don't @ me!!)
    5. Peek-A-Boo
    6. All Right (THAT SYNTH BREAK)
    7. Look
    8. One Of These Nights (when the drums pop out at the same time they harmonize...magic)
    9. Oh Boy
    10. Ice Cream Cake

    If Be Natural wasn't a cover, it would replace Ice Cream Cake though. Doing that tight chair dance so early in their debut + Wendy belting her way throughout the song like nobody's business must have shaken some of their peers at the time.
  11. Get out of my thread. This is homophobic.

    I'm kidding. It's only your first strike.
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  12. My top 10 from

    1. Cool Hot Sweet Love
    2. Ice Cream Cake
    3. Russian Roulette
    4. Automatic
    5. Huff n Puff
    6. Red Flavor
    7. Perfect 10
    8. Happiness
    9. Look
    10. Peek-a-Boo

    Their singles are quite hit and miss for me. I wasn't really into 'Bad Boy' so hopefully the next one will be good.
  13. Oh come on! It's a fun song!

  14. Rookie is one of their best songs. It's been over a year and some girls still haven't caught on. Sad, huh?

    edit: lemme share my top 10 from
    1. Red Flavor - 322 plays
    2. Rookie - 208 plays
    3. Ice Cream Cake - 200 plays
    4. Dumb Dumb - 135 plays
    5. Cool Hot Sweet Love - 133 plays
    6. Russian Roulette - 113 plays
    7. Automatic - 109 plays
    8. Bad Boy - 103 plays
    9. Peek-a-Boo - 90 plays
    10. You Better Know - 84 plays
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  15. Im on vacation but i had to put a list together.
    1) Red Flavor
    2) Body Talk
    3) Russian Roulette
    4) You Better Know
    5) Ice Cream Cake
    6) Peek-A-Boo
    7) Zoo
    8) Automatic
    9) I Just
    10) Rookie
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  16. [​IMG]
  17. lghdjkfgldhfgh that doesn't mean it's bad!

    I like all of their title tracks, even One of These Nights.
  18. Whoever compared Dumb Dumb to Meghan Trainor deserves to sit through Steps' discography.

    Fuck you very much.
  19. I still don't rate Dumb Dumb much.

    Flop stan.
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  20. THANK YOU. I almost vomited when I read that.

    Eaux. You're not my dad anymore. I'm like TT.
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