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Red Velvet

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Ceir, Jan 29, 2018.

  1. Red Velvet got their first charting in the UK with Summer Magic. #38 on the UK Downloads chart.
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  3. Imagine a world where both Red Velvet and Blackpink manage to become chart destroying queens in the west.

    A stan.
  4. Any excuse to post this Ari inspired BOP
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  5. Everyone here will start hating them.

    But at least my family will understand why I flew to Chicago for one day.
  6. I have been going through their back catalogue on Spotify for the past month or so and discovering so many bops. My current top 3 are Red Flavour, Body Talk and Mojito.
  7. Did you drag Wendy
  8. All great tracks...
    To this list I would add the non-singles Red Dress, Don't You Wait No More, and Happily Ever After...
  9. I like most of the songs that have been mentioned but their best B-Sides for me are:

    You Better Know
    Kingdom Come
    Something Kinda Crazy
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  10. Some Love
    Cool World
    Time Slip
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  11. I Just remains their top bop.
  12. Oh, speaking of which. I never shared this, but when people we're posting their top tens, I actually made a spreadsheet...

    Red Velvet Chart - Sheet1.jpg
    Just so you know. I'll keep it updated for this thread, an informal rate, if there's any new or changed top tens.... I'm sure there would be... anyway, it was interesting....

    EDIT: So if anyone has a new or revised list, fork it over.
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  13. Why do all mine say 5.5. This ReveLuv is confused.
  14. I have no friggin' idea. I think you didn't rank yours so I gave them all the same score.
    Don't know how I got 5.5.
  15. I'm so glad their sales are increasing after each comeback. 155K in one month is amazing.
  16. The fact that the first time I heard this it gave me Yours Truly leftover teas dddd
  17. I just realized Mr E. is a word play and they're actually saying mystery. Miss Terry remains superior but SM's obsession with "mystery" is amazing.

    Edit: Just remembered "Mysteric". STOP @SM Entertainment
  18. Aburakadabura!
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  19. Still popping off to Look

    Getting my life!!
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