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Red Velvet

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Ceir, Jan 29, 2018.

  1. Aburakadabura!
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  2. Still popping off to Look

    Getting my life!!

  3. This is kinda huge, no?
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  4. Poor SM PR people having to repeatedly tell Wendy not to "hey u wanna see my special talent" next to John Legend.

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  5. Does it sound like Amber saying "Are You Ready" on Huff n Puff to anyone else.
  6. So about those American tour dates...
    I'm going to see if I can go to the New Jersey show...
    Anyone else trying to see them???
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  7. Yup. Probably Dallas. Only because I have family there. If not, yes, Jersey. Definitely.
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  8. I might seriously consider Jersey.
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  9. [​IMG]
    If anyone knows when tickets go on sale, post! I don't think they're on sale yet.
  10. NJPAC doesn't even have the date on their schedule of upcoming events yet...
    If this tour goes well, then I hope they would book a venue in NYC for any future tours in the US...
    Any guesses as to the tracks they will perform???
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  11. I'm guessing but, certainly all of the singles. I know they do a lot of album tracks.

    I've seen fan video of "Happily Ever After" in Red Room that was really cute and well-choreographed.

    I think Redmare has a whole jungle theme set with Zoo, Mojito, Mosquito, Hit That Drum, etc... Worth the admission price alone... In Red Room they did this mesmerizing set with Automatic and Act Natural that was stunning... I hope they keep that piece.
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  12. Potential Album Track List:
    1. Really Bad Boy
    2. Russian Roulette In Moscow
    3. Stupid Stupid (or Deaf Deaf)
    4. That Red Taste
    5. #JellyJar (Korean Vers.)
    6. One More Of These Nights (8월 8일)

    I am so stoked.

  13. This is so iconique. As a fan since debut, it's so amazing to see their growth.

    EDIT: THE STYLING DURING DUMB DUMB ERA. I have to scream. I love their live vocals and hard choreography though.
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  14. The Automatic erasure though... I will NOT stand for that.
  15. They didn't include performances for the b-sides which is a shame.

    Instead we get a performance of Joy and her husband, BTOB's Sungjae, for Bruno Mars' annoying song Marry You. Tragic. Tragic all around.
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  16. I'm so pumped for this record because thematically it looks like it will be the follow up for Perfect Velvet which is quite possibly my favorite k - pop record. Ready for I Just part II
  17. Well, I got the days off from work for the Jersey show, and I think I'm taking my gallery coordinator who is now a Noona Reveluv and doesn't really even know it.

    But no tickets sales announced yet!

    I need to know soon, because tickets for Robyn in Beantown are going fast. Or gone.
  18. They are sharing some artwork in Instagram and honestly this is their best aesthetic yet.

    So pumped for this.
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