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Rediscovering 'The Creatures' and Siouxsie.....

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by ysaferrer, Oct 18, 2011.

  1. Having a day of ipoding and put on Boomerang by the Creatures.


    Great album which I totally forgot about, onto Anima Animus now, then will play Feast and may be able to cope with Hai then which I remember as being a tough listen.
  2. I've never delved into the Creatures stuff for some reason, which is odd since I have most Banshees albums and love Siouxsie's work in general.
  3. Say from Anima Animus should have been a #1 smash. It's up there with Kiss Them For Me and Face to Face for their best 90s song.

    It probably would have got more notice if it was a proper Banshees release. I need to dig out that album, it's been years and I remember absolutely loving it back in 1999/2000.
  4. Pye


    I did listen to 'Miss the Girl' on youtube more recently, it's still easily my favorite Creatures track.

    Maybe it's time I dusted down my Creatures Cd's
  5. Well, Siouxsie and all releated projects are my most favourite records ever, so needless to say, I love it all inside and out.

    I'm shocked to hear Hai! being branded "a tough listen"! It's absolutely gorgeous. I was so glad the limited edition came with a bonus disc of the instrumental version of the album.... it's so evocative and exotic and rich and warm... I love it! It's miles away from the electronic Anima Animous.

    Of all their albums, Anima Animous is the most dated. I like Boomernag a lot, but the CD mastering is very weak, it's the tinniest CD I own, so flat and quiet... I know there's much more sonic power in the tracks but the CD irons them flat. I hope for a reissue some day... but it's going to take a miracle to get that to happen.

    Feast is a very dark album, but it's brilliant. I remember the Japan CD pressing (the only one there was for a long, long time) was my first Japan CD purchase. It seemed so expensive at the time! But it's a wonderful album - scary in places, but like a 'Hammer horror film about voodoo and witch doctors'-scary. Very colourful and creative and slightly unnerving. Can you tell I adore Siouxsie? I'll shut up and let others chip in. This thread has my full approval, though. Carry on!
  6. I think Siouxsie And The Banshees are one of the all-time great British pop groups. I love The Creatures as well. The production on Kiss The Girl is the very definition of simplicity. It is, quite simply, a smashing pop song.
  7. I'm always very indecisive about my favourite Siouxsie And The Banshees album but in the end it comes down to A Kiss In The Dreamhouse, Juju and Tinderbox. Always different, always the same.
  8. Played "Peepshow' on the way home from work today, haven't got a clue what she is going on about half the time but it's very dramatic and it's screaming out to be remastered.
  9. It was being remastered but Universal cancelled plans to put out the last 4 albums. The meanings and influences behind the songs can be found here;

    Banshees > Peepshow > Trivia

    Peepshow is one of my least favourite albums. It's a bit dated, a bit cliche in places and the songs don't sit comfortably together in my opinion. The Killing Jar is a brilliant single and I like Peek-a-boo's kooky, mutant dance sound. Well, I like it all, but less than other albums.
  10. Isn't Standing There to die for? It's so provocative and empowering. It really does get my adrenaline going. Fury Eyes has a really cute video - for someone so iconic, Siouxsie doesn't have many great videos.

    Peek-A-Boo or Kiss Them For me - those are my two favourite Banshees songs, but Kiss just has me in a trance, I can't believe that I never tire of it, it's my birthday whenever I hear it. And it can be interpreted on so many levels (not that you have to), and even the video wasn't bad. I want that album remastered so bad!

    Back to The Creatures, I do love Anima Animus and found that Into A Swan a disappointment as it could easily slot in there - it's a bit of a bore to me in all honestly. I totally agree about Say - it's so sad and mesmerizing (rubbish video - at least one was made I guess). Heaven & Alchemy is another wintry ballad that's up there with her very best. They Follow You reminded me of The Last Beat of My Heart, and it wasn't a surprise to learn she opened her solo sets with it. The nocturnal exotica of Don't Go To Sleep Without Me is gorgeous. Prettiest Thing is one of their very best as well. I'm also a big fan of the strident Exterminating Angel, although it's slightly embarrassing (which is half the appeal).

    Red Wrapping Paper is a good alternative Xmas song, and I do enjoy the Christina Monet Things Fall Apart reference, and all the trivia that does along with it, etc.

    The other song I'd like to mention is Gecko - one of her best melodies, she's clearly enjoying herself and it's not hard to understand why Siouxsie gets frustrated being labelled goth all the time. "Pale skin is itching, a tropical fever".

    Oh, and I don't own Hai! I need to get it, I really do.
  11. There's a Creatures best-of/compilation, isn't there? I think I almost bought it once in MVE.
  12. Its called 'Bestiary' but it's basically Feast plus Wild Things EP and a couple of b sides. Would love a remastered Boomerang and the US Maxi CD of Standing There/Fury Eyes - will get the latter eventually, the former probably never.
  13. Yeah, that;s the one. I remember looking at the tracklisting and not thinking it seemed very comprehensive (very few of the singles I knew appeared to be included).
  14. Pye


    I so wanted a remastered copy of 'Superstition' I think I have banged on about it before on this forum. My Cd copy got knackered years ago.

    I have Bestiary. I bought it just to have 'Right Now' and the b-sides on Cd.

    I have been playing 'Miss The Girl' a lot lately.You really can't beat simple percussion... I really could see someone like Saint Saviour covering it.
  15. I've listened to Juju so much this year. I never rarely paid much attention to them other than the Once... and Twice... compilations. Listening to Into The Night always makes me want to listen to The Holy Bible for the 20,00th or so time... I wonder if the missing one was much of a fan.
  16. I have played every Banshees and Creatures album, single, b-side and remix in the last 7 days. In order!
  17. And how was it?

    I sort of did something like that with New Order recently. But stopped after Technique.
  18. Republic deserved a spin, especially if you made it through Brotherhood. I would have called it quits then too.
  19. Ha, yeah it's an okay album (as are the ones after it, in places) but iI just got distracted by other projects and didn't continue what I started. I clearly lack anfunny's stamina and commitment!
  20. You need staying power... more protein? Now I'm thinking about some sort of PJ food pyramid....
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