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Rediscovering 'The Creatures' and Siouxsie.....

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by ysaferrer, Oct 18, 2011.

  1. Well, this is really a video compilation firstly, and a singles collection secondly. But the problem with Once and Twice is they both aren't definitive. Once includes non-singles like Mirage and Love In A Void, but omits Mittageisen. Twice omits Song From The Edge Of The World, uses a live version of The Last Beat Of My Heart and of course doesn't include the last couple of singles, O Baby and Stargazer. So, whilst I of course love both compilations, it will be nice to have the full singles in order in one package for the first time ever, yet as I say, it's all about the videos, similarly all together for the first time ever.
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  2. Nice two-page spread on the set of The Creatures' Right Now video shoot, from Number One magazine...


    Elsewhere, The Scream vinyl picture disc LP, part of the Punk 40 anniversary series, is due out on Friday... but I'm expecting a delay as there's been very little promo/discussion about it. It's still showing as September 2nd n Amazon, where it's priced at £19.78 (the year it was released originally!).
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  3. Straight from The Banshees mouth...

    I assume this is a cut and paste of an email he's sent to whoever at Universal.
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  4. OK, so The Scream LP picture disc will be released November 25th. It's starting to look like that'll be it for the rest of the year... the Ever After CD/DVD package has taken much longer to compile and complete than was expected, I guess. Last I heard was they'd sorted the audio but still had work to do on the videos.
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  5. A few updates... Universal have ordered a large box set/super deluxe edition of Juju and asked for as mch archive material as possible (live recordings, bootlegs, footage, photos). It will include "several CDs, a DVD/Blu-ray and some form of book". There may be a vinyl version too. Sounds expensive... we already knew about a deluxe Juju, but it sounds like they want a much bigger product, not just a CD+DVD set. It's apparently about a year away.

    All of The Banshees albums will be released in batches of two per month starting next April. These will be straight reproductions of the original UK versions in a non-chronological order. "Special" versions will be made available via the Universal online shop at a later date. The albums will be mastered half-speed by Miles Showell at Abbey Road.

    The CD+DVD complete singles and promo videos set that is Ever After/Everafter/EverAfter (I've seen it written all three ways!) will miss it's deadline for this year's schedule. Apparently, it's awaiting sleeve notes, artwork and the DVD menu design. The lead-in times for releases to come out in the first quarter of 2017 is apparently November 2nd. Therefore it will be out April/May 2017.

    The Scream picture disc LP is now scheduled for December 2nd, although Amazon still has it down as November.
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  6. Long time no update (again). It looks like EverAfter is nearing completion at long last, Severin got a proof copy to sign off last week.

    The Scream picture disc from last month is rather nice, and came with a uncompressed FLAC download of a brand new remaster, so it's the highest quality release of the album ever.

    And now the reason I came to update in the first place, has up pre-orders for deluxe vinyl re-issues of Juju (1981) and Tinderbox (1986), so it looks like they're re-issuing them in pairs, out of chronology. Listed as released on April 7th...
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  7. Great news, I had a look but there's no additional info on Amazon and JuJu is listed as Wayne Shorter?
    What do we think deluxe vinyl means? Bonus tracks?
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  8. Nah, I'm expecting exact replicas of the originals with download codes. Juju should be different, in a box with other stuff I guess.
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  9. Wow 60! And still stunning,
    Its kind of strange to see my teen idols hitting their 60s...
    Madonna and Kate Bush are both turning 60 next year!
  10. Another six months passes without any significant news. It's now over a year since the last back catalogue release (The Scream picture disc), which worries me a little. I just hope the guy at Universal who was a big fan and had loads of plans for an 18 month long reissue campaign (Happy Ever After 2CD/DVD, super deluxe Juju CD/DVD, replica vinyl reissues, CD singles box set, etc.) hasn't moved on and left everything in limbo (it wouldn't be the first time this has happened). Also, Severin's health is a worry - he's very rarely online these days. Sigh.


    A couple of things of interest, however - A Kiss In The Dreamhouse turned 35 years old on November 5th! A few blogs and sites wrote about it, which was nice. I liked this one;

    And then Bright Light Bright Light recently announced his Cinematography III EP release, which features cover versions of songs taken from films about/set at Christmas. The Banshees' Face To Face is one of the tracks, and you can hear a little bit of it in his promo clip for the release;

    Fingers crossed there's more exciting news in the new year...
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  11. Still hoping for another Siouxsie solo album in 2018 above any reissues.
    She said she wasn't done! (ugh)
    In the meantime any reissue news is always welcome, I'd actually love some Creatures deluxe CDs.
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  12. Oh I'd love more solo Siouxsie but it's been 10 years since she said "I'm not done yet!", and all we got was the Meltdown Festival headline show and Love Crime. In fact, her words around the Love Crime track were along the lines of not being inspired to make music anymore, until this opportunity. I like to think of her without make-up on, two cats, glass of wine and a book, in her south of France home... pretty much retired. She doesn't do email or internet or anything remotely modern, and if she never sang another note, I wouldn't blame her. She owes us nothing, and I couldn't love her anymore.

    The Creatures are a problem, regarding catalogue management. If it's true that she and Budgie don't speak, then I don't see how they can manage reissues...
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  13. Who needs to leave the house when they have cats anyway, I hardly ever.
    Maybe she will make a concept album about her cats? (I will buy it)
    I'm still kind of sad that The Creatures ended, still love those albums.
    Boomerang is one of the best albums she ever made.
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  14. I love everything she's touched... Boomerang is very exotic and dream-like... I'd love a remaster of that, it sounds very flat. Pluto Drive would've made a good single, or more to the point, a good video and I selfishly wish for remixes of that track the most.
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  15. Someone said exactly the same thing to me in a record store in Bolton last weekend, was that you??
    Also, he told me Severin has been ill which could be why there are delays with the reissue project.
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  16. Not me, no, but it’s an easy guess to assume that’s her lifestyle! Severin’s been ill for a couple of years now but of late he’s virtually non-existent online. Unlike him. Get well soon!
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  17. I gave in and I've resulted in purchasing all the original pressings of their albums on vinyl. I now have everything except the The Rapture, which, I'm working on.
    Twice Upon A Time was a big sting on the bank balance but what the hell, Superstition was also quite high and surprisingly, JuJu has gone up in price A LOT since last year.
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  18. Twice Upon A Time was a highlight of 1992 for me (along with the Simple Minds compilation released the same month), but looking at it now it's a bit flawed (live versions, dodgy remixes).
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  19. And also no "Song From the Edge of the World", which is one of my favourites, well, the JVC version included on Tinderbox remaster anyway. But overall it's a great listen, especially combined with Once Upon a Time.
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