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Rediscovering 'The Creatures' and Siouxsie.....

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by ysaferrer, Oct 18, 2011.

  1. This year I've been slowly going through the back catalogue from the beginning. (Banshees, Creatures and Solo)
    I'm hoping by the time I get up to Mantaray something new might be announced... So I am going very, very slowly and giving the albums repeated listens.
    So far I've enveloped myself in The Scream, Join Hands and Kaleidoscope.
    I've always loved the rawness of the first two albums but have a new found love for Kaleidoscope.
    It was a real change in sound for them but still very Banshees, the icy synths really added something special to their sound.
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  2. I listen to absolutely everything they did at least once a year. The only band I do that with, which is how I know they're my favourite. I never get bored, there's just something about The Banshees that always pulls me in.

    Gah, no! I wish Face To Face wasn't included on Superstition at all! The Superstition-era bonus material absent on the reissue is a great shame. Face To Face sticks out like a sore thumb. I love both, but not together. You can tell Superstition was the only Banshees album made via computer technology and something is definitely lost in the process. Face To Face, however, is very lush and orchestral - as you'd expect from Danny Elfman. Face To Face, followed by I Could Be Again, it's b-side, is perfection for me. I don't know if they did it deliberately with that single, but I love how 'side 1' is a big, glossy soundtrack contribution and 'side 2' is this Sunset Boulevard-esque, cacophony from the bitter lips of a fallen movie star. There's something about those two tracks together, the seductive and the repellent, the sweet and the bitter - very latter-day Siouxsie. She really starts to sing about looks, the aging process, mirrors, beauty and such towards the end. Starring Back, New Skin, I Was Me (Creatures) and Into A Swan (Solo) are some other examples.
  3. so today I learn, as a result of this conversation, of 'Interlude'. How did I not know of a Siouxsie/Morrissey collaboration?!
  4. It's very nice, but marred slightly by the backstory. Apparently, Siouxsie met with Morrissey in 1993 to discuss the video and he proposed she sit on a throne with a union jack flag draped over her and a British bulldog on her lap. When she dismissed the idea, he apparently left the room and sent his manager/assistant in to tell her to leave as Morrissey needed to rush off somewhere. She never heard from him again apparently, and a video was never made. EMI sat on it for a while with no video or any promotional activities planned, but eventually put it out in summer 1994. It never had a US release because the two US labels each were signed to (Sire and Geffen) could not reach a contractual agreement. Morrissey later scrubbed Siouxsie's vocal off the track when he included it on his Very Best Of album. The original track was by Timi Yuro and it was also covered rather brilliantly by Diamanda Galas in 2008...

  5. Oof. Is that the 1997 Best Of version which is Siouxsie-less?
  6. No, the 2011 one. The 1997 one is Suedehead: The Best Of and he had no control over that one, thankfully!
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  7. Siouxsie is such a compelling live performer. Have seen her twice. First time was in Lisbon as a teenager when the Banshees were touring The Rapture. I'd been familiar with many of the singles but that was the first album of theirs I bought and hence it has its own special place with me. Much better I think than the feedback it gets/got but I was listening with pretty much fresh ears I guess so was less judgemental than the hardcore fans may have been at the time.

    The second time was in Belfast when the Creatures were touring my favourite Creatures album Anima Animus. Siouxsie was in a fabulously foul mood and put on an amazing performance.
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  8. Phew! I wondered how I had the Siouxsie version in my collection otherwise; I didn't bother with the 2011 compilation.
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  9. Same thing happened to me earlier this year, my friend showed me the track as I told him I love Siouxsie and I like a few Morrissey / Smiths tracks, I had no idea of its existance, I haven’t seen it mentioned anywhere.
    Then when I tried to find it after I could only find a Morrissey version, so the scrubbing makes sense. I just had to roll my eyes when I read he did that and how he treated Siouxsie.
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  10. Well I read Siouxsie's book and don't worry she didn't take the whole situation passively!
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  11. What’s the book called? I must buy it!
  12. Siouxsie & the Banshees : The Authorised Biography by Mark Paytress. Packed it away few years ago in house move, must dig it out again.
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  13. Yes, I saw The Banshees, The Creatures and Siouxsie solo many times... she's not one for cheesy audience interaction but she tends to get lost in the drama of the performance. She nearly always throws a diva strop, one of her favourites being about air conditioning! She called the venue management "c*nts" at her solo shows at Royal Festival Hall in London and stormed off. I also remember her saying, "This one is called Love In A Void! And if you believe that, you'll believe anything..." at one of The Rapture shows, before playing something from the new album. She's definitely got a wicked streak.
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  14. Yeah at the Belfast show she was seething because the boat they travelled over on docked 2 hours late and they couldn't get checked into the hotel. So she strode onto stage two and half songs into the support act (who my mate was a member of) and ordered them off stage and proceeded to rant about the hotel. She was merciless in her goading of the bouncers milling the audience and said to someone in the audience of course they'd do whatever Banshees song they were screaming for right away and launched into Mad Eyed Screamer.
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  15. Even though Kaleidoscope is considered their most synth based / minimal album, I’d consider Skin their most heavy song, I was blown away when I heard that last year. Would you agree?
  16. Oh gosh, no. Their heaviest has to be something from the Join Hands era, surely? That album is very murky, brutal and nihilistic. Skin is a bit more in-keeping with The Scream - spikey, punky and energetic. I guess it depends on your definition of 'heavy'. Not Forgotten from The Rapture is very bleak and tortured, and Exterminating Angel by The Creatures is pretty vitriolic and sonically seething.
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  17. Yes I agree Join Hands is their most murky / heavy album. I must have thought Skin sounded heavy compared to the rest of the album, and I definitely agree with the Scream comparison, I get Switch vibes from it.
  18. Just looked for it on amazon, It’s £40! Hope it gets a repress.
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  19. 9A80B38B-B69C-4228-88E5-994C97444EA4.jpeg The Rapture is on the way but I couldn’t wait to post my album collection, I’m so proud of it, and I’ve played them all, I’m lucky they are still fully listenable.
  20. Great collection!
    I really wish I'd bought that limited edition Join Hands record now, looks gorgeous.
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