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Rediscovering 'The Creatures' and Siouxsie.....

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by ysaferrer, Oct 18, 2011.

  1. I found it in a leftover music shop for £24 a year later! Store was called "Head", it's gone now sadly. I also got Lisa Stansfield boxset for £20! The store has now closed down now unfortunately.
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  2. Surprisingly, out of all of them (excluding the new vinyl), The Scream plays the best, not a pop or a crackle. I'd say that's the most clean record out of all of them, and even the sleeve is perfect.
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  3. I got the RSD Join hands exclusive from Amazon France two weeks before RSD! It was also cheaper! It's very nice, but I'm glad they went with the artwork that they did. Join hands is my least favourite album by The Banshees, as it happens. That recording of The Lords Prayer really spoils it. I think they only recorded it to "capture" it before they retired playing it live, but it's just... dull on the album. With that removed, a bit of a re-jig and something like Pulled To Bits (Playground Twist B-side) on the main album, I might feel differently about it.
  4. I agree about The Lords Prayer, although some of my all time S&TB songs are on that album so I have a real soft spot for it.
    I adore Placebo Effect, Poppy Day, Icon, actually I love all the songs before The Lords Prayer.
  5. I agree with The Lords Prayer, it’s such a slog to get through, apparently it was a great live experience and much appreciated live at the time, but it didn’t translate in studio format. Pulled to bits would be most welcome, along with Love in a Void.
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  6. It was the first thing they ever improvised live in 1976 but by 1979 I think it had lost it's novelty. It's not much fun to listen to, it's just like a drawn-out jam session where everyone gets progressively tired. Love In A Void's original lyrics are problematic to say the least ("too many Jews for my liking" - written by Severin, but obviously sang by Siouxsie) but they were wisely altered between the early live/session recordings (done before they'd signed to a label) and the Polydor recording. I mean, combined with Siouxsie's ill-advised swastika armbands, they could easily have missed out a record deal altogether!
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  7. Juju on gold vinyl!

  8. Wish I lived in the UK, wonder if there will be a wider release later?
  9. 06357EBD-5350-48C5-B5E3-1E04A470C989.jpeg Just arrived from the US, luckily arrived in the described condition!
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  10. Ahhh. I LOVE Juju and I need to get it in gleaming gold.
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  11. Just got hold of Interlude. It is quite a collaboration. Very relaxed
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  12. It's quite nice, yes... they didn't record it together (Does anyone ever do this? Seems an uncommon practise generally!) and meeting to discuss the video was the first time they met, *I think*. Two of my absolute ultimate icons together on one track, it was quite something... now forgotten about pretty much due to the lack of "event" when released at the time.
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  13. How have I just seen this? Definitely going to try and get hold of this!
    I'm guessing this'll be the kick start of the vinyl reissue campaign.
    Also, nobody cared about HMVs limited coloured vinyl releases last year, so I hope this is the case this year. Although with only 1,000 copies there could be a slight Kylie - Fever situation.
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  14. Looks like Juju (black vinyl?) is getting a general release in August.

  15. Sorry for double post but Tinderbox and Superstition are also up for pre order !

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  16. I think these were up for pre-order before, last year? But came to nothing. It would be nice if Severin gave us a heads up as to what is going on!
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  17. I'm still waiting for a Singles boxset. That would be too good to resist.
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  18. If it had all the individual singles in replica sleeves I would definitely buy this.
    I'm pretty sure with all the remasters and the downside up boxset I have almost everything though.
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  19. A CD single box set remains top of my list. The 7” versions of Fireworks, Slowdive, Dazzle, the 12” non-fade version of Dear Prudence, the Ambient/Loveapella mixes of Kiss Them For Me, the fan club 7”, remastered KTFM, Shadowtime and Peek-a-boo 12” mixes, the gorgeous cover art... my heart aches for it.
  20. I too would be all over a CD singles box set... much as I love the albums, the singles collections are where I get my usual Banshees fill.
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