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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Itty Bitty Piggy, May 1, 2016.

  1. @Sinful I love you girl

    You'll get through this x
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  2. Well the boy and I are back together in a casual capacity. He moves to London on Sunday and I'm following him in ... 3 months, sooooo

    We'll see, I guess

    Also I'm sorry @Sinful, hope you'll be OK. Holler if you need a chat x
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  3. So I've been in an open relationship for a year and a half now, and its been one of the most eye opening experiences in my life thus far.

    I finally feel like I'm me when it comes to meeting other gay men, sharing my experiences, hooking up with others and so on, and when I look back on the past relationships I've had, I used to look down so negatively on those who were in open relationships despite the fact that it was something I've yearned for. Looking back, I seemed like the polar opposite as it is right now.
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  4. That sucks. I hope you have a pen and paper ready whenever you have an emotional outburst. Or something that you can dive into to help ease whatever you may be feeling.
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  5. I agree with others, just let them know that it’s something outside your budget right now.

    I’m having it at the moment where I’m so broke and overdrawn and my friends want to do this, that and everything and I just have to make it clear that I can’t do any of it, as much as I hate feeling left out.
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  6. Me after deleting grindr thinking “proper” dating apps like match and POF will find me a man and seeing all the same faces from grindr.

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  7. Wait Plenty o' Fish is still a thing.
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  8. Two months is a short amount of time, but two months, y'all. Feels good, and right.
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  9. LTG


    The Telephone video, ha neverending influence.
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  10. I thought PoF was more like Tinder for straights before Tinder.
  11. When you go on Grindr for the first time:
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  12. Have you ever wanted to shake a boy saying “I’M NOT A MIND-READER JUST TELL ME WHAT YOU’RE THINKING” because same.
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  13. I like you back x
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  14. Where do you want our first date to be boo? x
  15. Somewhere nice so that I can enjoy myself even when I get stood up x
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  16. Personally I'd rather not stand you up, unlike CERTAIN people around here.

    (I'll make us a picnic x)
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  17. I look forward to it bae x
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  18. I hope you're not a vegetarian 'cause I'm doing a lot of ham sandwiches x
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  19. oh trust me i'm not a vegetarian ";)"
  20. oh get a room
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