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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Itty Bitty Piggy, May 1, 2016.

  1. Because trade and I can’t normally see each other in the middle of the week, we are using today as an excuse to get a rare Wednesday bang in.

    Happy Valentines Day, ladies

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  2. Your posting brand lately has me shook

  3. SIS
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  4. Valentine's Day is meh. I am wearing a pink shirt. The smoothie I got was fuchsia. It's all good.

    I'm kind of over hooking up right now.
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  5. Valentine's Day never really bothered me for the longest time, but nowadays I associate it with the time I went to meet a former friend who had betrayed me in a horrible way, as he said he wanted to make amends. We both hopped on trains and met in the middle, and went for dinner. I almost wanted to punch him when I saw him but instead we sat down and talked things through. I never expected things to go back to how they were but I did believe him when he said he'd prove himself to me (and a mutual friend that had also been fucked over). He hugged me as the train home arrived, and messaged "I've missed us" as I was on my way home. I was still hurting but felt hopeful.

    That was the last time I ever saw him.

    I'd hate for him to see me reliving this, because it's been several years and I have mostly moved on, but it's the only real Valentine's Day memory I have so I can't help it. It was complicated because there had been more between us at some point, but we'd agreed to overlook that and concentrate on friendship due to various circumstances. So much for that.

    Sorry for moaning. I hope everyone has had a good day regardless.
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  6. We're in different states rn but in two weeks


    I actually miss him a lot and can't wait to hold him again
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  7. K94


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  8. That reminds me, I bought some bananas earlier. I must leave them on the worktop to ripen.
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  9. Actually, Fuck Valentine's Day
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  12. I went on my first date of the year today. Had my first kiss of the year too.

    What color should I wear in the wedding? Ivory?
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  13. We didn't plan anything special today but went out and got each other these plushies which I thought were cute.

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  14. Wait not me being dumped after an 18 month relationship the day after this just as I was on my way to him.

    WAIT at me having applied for jobs in his area so we could rent a flat together and now having to cancel a job interview.



    Anyone fancy a trip to freezing cold Budapest in march?

  15. He


    Damn, this is very harsh. How are you feeling? Sounds awful though.
  16. Feeling pretty sorry for myself tbh. Very out of the blue as last night he was like "looking forward to seeing you tomorrow" but obviously over night that's turned into "don't wanna see you again".

    Just a little in shock/surprised, our relationship started at uni and I 'came out' to mates and to parents for him and there was always the end goal that in september we'd move in together. So I think it's the fact that what I saw as being my future has changed.

    Never been dumped before and I am not a fan
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  17. What utter dogshit, you deserve so much better, trust me.
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  18. He


    I'm really sorry, it must feel terrible. But his acting this way is a good indication of his lack commitment and care, you deserve someone better.

    Just take care of yourself now.
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  19. FUCK.
    That is brutal.
  20. I'm so here for this.
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