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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Itty Bitty Piggy, May 1, 2016.

  1. For tonight....

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  2. Umm I assist a teacher at my university and today I took some tests I corrected to his office and he wanted to go over them, so he was like "Okay I'm going to sit next to you so we can review them", so we were sitting like legs 2cm away from touching close.

    And we reviewed the tests and we'd look at each other in the eyes and talk and I may have been imagining but I can swear he adjusted himself a couple of times.

    Anyway he's like 2 meters tall and serving dad body and I'm so so ready to live my daddy teacher adventure.

    tbh i'm like 90% sure he's straight but i choose to ignore this
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  4. Finally reading The Ethical Slut and I almost cried over the clarity it’s bringing. I feel electric, alive, unblocked. Lifesaving in a sense I’ve never experienced.
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  5. Solenciennes

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    I just don’t know who to tag
  6. This is literally my first post in this thread, i think... and I haven't finished it all so if it becomes problematic I'm ready to read counter points. But so far, it's resonating with me.

    Orrrr was that a joke that there are so many ethical sluts here?
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  7. Not me. I have no ethics.
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  9. As a potentially lethal expression of hegemonic masculinity, it obviously is.

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    I was just making a joke, don’t worry!
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  11. No, but if you wanna write off an entire swath of people based on a hobby then go right ahead I guess.
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  12. Hunting is one thing, but I've watched groups of men, in a metro area of 8 million people, walk in to gun ranges with assault rifles and it's honestly terrifying.

    And it's a hobby with a violent weapon that was designed to kill......pass.
  13. Cool.

    EDIT: Let it be clear I’m in favor of stricter gun laws too. I just don’t think there’s a problem at all with people reasonably hunting and target shooting with rifles/handguns. I’m not talking about groups of guys with semiautomatic assault weapons for fuck’s sake.
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  14. Every time “hegemonic masculinity” is brought up, an angel gets its wings.
  15. We can move on though. The last thing I need is people thinking I’m a Trump supporter.
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  16. Not hunting discourse in this foul ass Relationships thread when you know if 3/4th of this forum were to sit next to a good-looking hunter and so much as make eye contact they'd buy a camouflage jockstrap and beg him to shoot his load with a poorly-constructed gun reference
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    Rifle through me, zad
  18. [​IMG]
  19. You know fucking what it’s time to log out of life.
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