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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Itty Bitty Piggy, May 1, 2016.

  1. Hardly relationship news but a school bully who called me and my friend slurs in school slipping into my DM's and me getting to inform him I'm the faggot girl he knew I was is a Popjustice .
  2. So he's also gay?
  3. No he's not. Well he's into transwomen but He didn't know I went to school with him he just thought he was DM'ing someone on a dating site.
  4. I fucking love this story.
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  5. Well I’ve been invited over to a guy’s house on Saturday to play games, watch Netflix, bake and kiss and cuddle all day. Wish me luck, gals.
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  6. Best of luck and have fun!
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  7. [​IMG]
  8. Y'all are doing a whole lot and I'm loving it.

    I left town for a few weeks to go to my other house (different State), so hoping spreading these cheeks like a discount hooker in a frat house will get me over the NRA's finest and most well-equipped member.
  9. @man.tis.shrimp finally got laid congrats sis x
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  10. Throw the word "man" in the mix, and I'm amiable.
  11. You rang?
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  12. Wait, did I invite you?
  13. It went well! We had a great time playing SNES and PS1 games, and we're both obsessed with Drag Race and have the same taste in music.

    He may or may not have destroyed my back door at some point as well.
  14. It’s only the Spoiler us sluts care about...
  15. I won't even lie to you I read the spoiler before I even took interest in your post dddd
  16. I finally get to have a conversation with my ex boyfriend tomorrow about what's happening with us and if there's any chance of working things out and I feel so sick thinking about how it's more likely to go badly than it is likely to go well.
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  17. My boyfriend won’t hold hands or display any sort of affection to me in public and it’s bothering me. It’s another thing in a long line where I feel like I’m not wanted and feeling kinda left out. Like he’s jet lagged at the moment, today he barely even looked at me / said a word while we had a wander around London, and then as soon as we get back to his flat with his flat mate and friend there he perks up and suddenly has enough energy to engage. I understand if he’s exhausted but his actions are speaking a whole different language to the words coming out his mouth.

    I’m down in London visiting him at the moment after two months, we’ve argued recently about his priorities around my birthday and how inconsiderate he can be and I just feel like we’re not really going anywhere? I dunno. I feel like fucking shit.
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  18. That is so ass-backwards and ignorant.
  19. Good luck! No matter what happens tomorrow, it is still good to know what has happened instead of having no idea what went wrong.
  20. Thanks sis x

    I just want things to go back to how they were a few weeks ago dddd
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