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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Itty Bitty Piggy, May 1, 2016.

  1. If an internship means more to him than you then he's not worth the time of day.

    Be sad for a bit then find someone worth your time.
  2. I’m seeing people tweet about how some people they’re dating are going above and beyond for them and the only thing I can think of for me is:
  3. And if they’re tweeting about it, it’s probably heading for disaster.
  4. Tweeting about your relationships is the new 'getting a tattoo about your partner' - i.e., it's the kiss of death.
  5. aux


    The worst couples are the ones who talk to each other through Twitter, and also have each other's @s in their bios.
  6. Oh god yes. Or on any form of social media. "happily taken (couple emoji, love heart) @." yet one of them's on grindr with a headless picture wanting a bareback chem session.
  7. He


    That doesn't make them less of a committed couple though.

    But yes to the rest, ban all social media messery.
  8. Ok but we all know the very worst ones are those who still have a shared facebook profile. I saw things that made my skin crawl.
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  9. I'm seeing a lot more shared accounts / emails recently. I mean why is that a thing. Not just couples, I've seen "[email protected]" - like what kind of issues are underlying here that you can't just have individual emails..?
  10. I think they're unbearable too, but I can understand how they're practical in the sense that now everyone's got a smartphone they can all access the same inbox on everyone's device. It saves a lot of cc-ing.
  11. I mean yeah, its probably practical for utilities, but who really needs access to the family emails? Do the kids really care about the SKY bill? Can Sandra not login to the family EE account to see the phone bills?
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  12. I loathe when couples share eachother’s insta stories... in the following scenarios especially:
    - partner A records partner B doing something and adds to insta story, partner B then adds this to their own story
    - partner A takes picture of something, partner B also takes picture of something and also adds partner A’s picture of the same thing
    - any caption or gif that suggests the couple is absolutely perfect and in love, it’s the worst side of highlights reel social media uch
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  13. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Moderator

    Well this was a spectacular fuck up.
  14. Tell us more
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  15. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Moderator

    If I survive the night I will
  16. sounds lit

    plz b saef :/
  17. Every time I think I'm making strides towards something, I always fuck everything up. I kinda wish people would just listen to me when I say "just run screaming from me"! I'm so God damn stupid.
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  18. So after a little bit of thought I've decided I really want to stay single for a while. And just try to spend some time with myself and not worry about being in a relationship or dating. At the same time, I'm not sure how I'll react to someone asking me out if they do it in person which never happens, but it still could. But I do think I wanna spend this summer on my own.
  19. It did me a world of good being single for 3 years! Although my problem is that when starting something up I’m even more selfish with my routine/time than I used to be!
  20. Ok but the ‘just run screaming from me’ warning sets a tone that will likely colour further interactions.
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