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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Itty Bitty Piggy, May 1, 2016.

  1. Thanks for this. It's so true. Ultimately, I decided against texting him back and asking to hangout because I'm too old to be chasing guys like that. If he wanted to be with me, it would be a whole lot easier and I wouldn't be stressing like I was. Luckily, I only freaked out about the situation for a day and I'm fine with the situation now. It sucks, I'm disappointed, and I'm not sure what caused him to shut me out but it happens and you move on.

    And that sucks that the guy you were talking to only wants to chat. That happens far too often, I find, and it's indeed very annoying.
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  2. For the first time in months I went on a first date today (and the first time in years someone who I didn't know beforehand) - I think it went really well, I really like him, we really clicked personality wise, he's super wholesome and nice, and there was never an awkward silence... I'm optimistic girls!!!!
  3. He just messaged me to say he thinks we'd work better as friends...
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  4. When we got to work this morning we were informed a colleague passed away in her sleep Saturday night. Her heart just stopped beating, 48 years old.

    Life's so fucking fragile.
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  5. Does anyone else feel like love and dating just goes round in circles? Exes always come back sooner or later, none of it is ever really over (ahem). I don't know whether being offered second chances by whatever powers that be is a good thing or little tricks that I should avoid.
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  6. Not really... The last official relationship I had was 6 years ago, when Tinder came out. And when I am kind of seeing someone it’s about 2 weeks till its over or something stupid happens (me getting ignored, a summer fling never turning out to be more than that one night, me catching feelings and running away)...

    I’m not spiralling around the same guys, but it feels just the same experience each time
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  7. This thread made me expect this twist... keep looking, you will find it
  8. I think I’m in love with a boy and he loves me back

  9. He’s leaving town.
  10. It’s been 5 months since my boyfriend was sent to jail. He had his trial and everything was set for him to be released on September 6th. However for some reason (The specifics were not disclosed to me) his sentence has been extended for another 6 months.

    I’m trying to put a brave face on and keep positive, thinking I can focus on myself and my own interests while he’s gone, but this situation is so hard. It’s so hard to confide in other people about it as they judge me for even deciding to stay with him
  11. You have to keep making the right decision for you, and true friends will support you.
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  12. I need to stop letting myself getting excited about going to events coz it pisses me off even more then when friends cancel on the day we are meant to go. Wasted 25 euro on a ticket and it's not the kind of thing I'd attend alone. Can't depend on anyone.
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  13. The HOLY trinity(-ish) of Madge's breakup anthems:



  14. I am finding incredibly difficult to progress any type of relationship. I am good to great at meeting new people but most of the time i don't find the enthusiasm in me to develop something meaningful. And i get even more discouraged when i see the other party not making an attempt when i don't. It is tiring to be in the initiator position every time.
  15. If you care about someone you WILL automatically initiate. There’s no need to force something that isn’t there in the first place.
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  16. Me and my boyfriend have been together for around 10 years, it can be hard work but it is an incredibly kind and supportive relationship we have.

    Around 4 years ago, we tried the whole threesome thing. It was fun at first but we run into big problems in the sense that we got a bit addicted to the thrill of it and we also met someone who we both had genuine feelings for and we didn't really know how to deal with it.

    We worked through it and probably enjoy fun with another guy around once or twice a year. I still struggle with the conflict of knowing where the relationship is going, are we headed for an open relationship or are we going to settle down to marriage and monogamy? I guess there is no reason why it couldn't be a mix of both but I definitely struggle with feeling comfortable in a queer relationship that doesn't fit with heteronormative values.
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  17. If it works for the two of you, then that's what matters. Who cares if it fits standard hetereonormative values?
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  18. If I offer chocolates on, like, a near-weekly basis to an impossible straight """crush""" as we leave work, he won't take it as a pathetic attempt at flirting but just as something that normal bro friends do, right? The person is not being insane, right? Asking for a friend.

    (Is laid off for harrassment two weeks later.)
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  19. So did he like your upload_2019-9-20_16-30-45.jpeg
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  20. Me again...the straight girl who struggles to get guys. I recently joined a social group via a website called Meetup and I hit it off with a guy almost immediately. We've only spoken twice so far, but when we recognised each other we started chatting, he bought me a drink and he seemed happy in my company. It's been confirmed he is both straight and single. Looking forward to the next meetup next Wednesday which we have both signed up to!

    For years I haven't really been able to form close friendships and I don't normally 'click' with people I've only just met, so this is a nice change!
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