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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Babylon, May 1, 2016.

  1. Yes.
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  2. It’s me Jasilios
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  3. I'm a J as well as a Taurus so

  4. Better to stay fresh for his return.


    Or funeral.

  5. I'm a Scorpio J and I'm an only child. Does this explain more about me now?
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  6. Honestly, experiences like this are why people ghost people.
  7. Don't think like that, it would have made zero difference.

    I once had a pretty similar experience with a guy, with the added twist that we'd only met up for sex because I was emigrating in 2 weeks.

    'So you don't want a relationship?'
    'Well I'm leaving the country....'

    Anyway, block on all platforms. And - bad news - be prepared for a couple of 'odd' encounters on the socials.
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  8. Uno


    I've been seeing someone for about 4 months now, and it's definitely different than any other relationship I've been in. He's very calm and reserved, and I'm very outgoing and a social animal. I think it's been good; we've been bringing out a more relaxed side of me and I've been getting him out of his shell a bit more too. We get along so well.

    It's been kind of frustrating though because I live with my ex-boyfriend and he's absolutely still into me and is constantly in a bad mood around me whenever I mention the new guy I'm dating. My new guy and I have been going to the gym a lot together at 6am every morning (which I've never done before) and I am a lot more grounded/ calmer now so he always brings up that I'm being "fake" or "not myself" because I'm not how I was when we were together. I try to avoid bringing anything about my new guy up, but my ex would go out of his way to ask me what I did today, who I was with, etc, if I spend the night at the new guy's house, my ex will have a huge attitude with me the next day when I get home. Just so exhausting having to tiptoe around him, and I'm stuck in the lease til November.
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  9. I'd definitely say that's not sustainable until November (!) - I don't know where you live, but isn't there a break-clause in the lease (since it must have been longer than a year when you signed) or just (illegally if needed) sub-let out your room? I don't see how you can live with your ex, when you're clearly not in a healthy position to be doing that, for basically a whole year.
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  10. There's someone new I like and the sex is good, but he's a horrible kisser. Can I tell him or do I really have to suffer through it?
  11. Tell him, then teach him how to be better.
  12. Don't tell him he's bad, just tell him you like it a certain way and show him how.
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  13. This ddd.
    My boyfriend done this to me and I had no idea I was a bad kisser! He'll definitely appreciate it if you just say you like a certain way.
  14. If you have thin lips, open your mouth a little more ddd
  15. I don’t think I’m a bad kisser but I always worry that I am and nobody has ever said? But I’m like that with pretty much all facets of my life so yeah.
  16. Kissing is the one thing I've gotten honest consistent compliments on ddd
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  17. Same. And head. Oop.
  18. This does make more sense. Its never been something I had to worry about so this advice is much better.
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  19. The relatability OMG.
  20. I am very relatable in fairness.
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