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Remembering: Sophie Monk's 'Calendar Girl'

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Smoke My Cigar, Nov 26, 2009.

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    Just dug this little treasure out of my collection and put it on, I'd forgotten how amazing this album is! Full of great songs, most of which were better than some of the singles released from it. 'Come My Way', 'Luv Me', 'Don't Push It', 'Anywhere With You' and 'Step Back In Time' (which actually shares the same middle-8 with 'Sundown' by S Club 8) are all little gems, I even love 'You Better Not Fall' which it seems is hated by most listeners of the album.

    It's a shame Sophie never followed it up with that second album she was muttering about for years as it could have been brilliant if it was anything similar to this. Now she's stuck getting her jugs out in a stream of straight to DVD movies...oh dear. I bet she wishes she'd completed that second album and not focused on Hollywood now...
  2. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    Oh so good!

    It actually made a horrid trip to Bulgaria ok as I found a dodgy copy of it in a sidestreet box for sale.

    THEN I found a promo of it in London, for 1 pound!

    One of the Top 10 albums of that year for sure, great videos too, and some album tracks were better than the already amazing singles!
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  3. multimediac17

    multimediac17 Moderator

    'Get The Music On' is a bit of a tune.

    Are y'all fans of Bardot? Heaven knows I was back in the day. 'Poison' is still amazing.
  4. Charley

    Charley Staff Member

    I've said it before, but the Sophie Monk album is what I expected the Cheryl Colo solo project to be like.

    I keep meaning to finally import and properly investigate this and the Bardot albums. 'Bardot' isn't particularly search engine friendly though...
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  5. multimediac17

    multimediac17 Moderator

    I never actually owned the Bardot album so I haven't heard it in a looong time but I remember it being quite bad.

    I once went to an instore where there was mass crowd unsettlement when they left without singing. Ah, those were the days.
  6. Charley

    Charley Staff Member

    I love that they did a cover of Jennifer Paige's 'Stranded'! (Or were they first?)

    Rather off-topic, but this thread made me revisit Flemish Popstars winners VandaVanda!
  7. multimediac17

    multimediac17 Moderator

    Wiki tells me it went

    some Christian group - Bardot - J. Po
  8. I LOVED Bardot back in the day. Actually me diggin out this album also lead me to get out 'Play It Like That' and that's still a pretty amazing pop album. I thought the 'Bardot' debut album was shockingly dodgy though, the songs on that CD sound so dated and cheap now.

    Despite how hilariously shit it is, I have a real fondness for 'ASAP' ('How does it feel for you, being stalked by your very own mom?!') and 'I Need Somebody' is one of the best pop singles ever.

    Was Jennifer's version called 'Stranded'? All I know is that Bardot released 'These Days' and a year or so later Jennifer Paige also had the same song on her site.
  9. multimediac17

    multimediac17 Moderator

    I couldn't stand 'I Need Somebody' when it first came out but in the past few years I've really come around to it.

    Now who remembers Scandal'Us? Their first single was better than everything Bardot did. *crickets*
  10. Me myself and i-i-i-I(!)-i-iiiiiiiiiiiii.
  11. multimediac17

    multimediac17 Moderator

    I'm gonna BLOW
    Everything you KNOW
    About me, myself and I!!!!

    God that song was amazing.
  12. Charley

    Charley Staff Member

    Ah yes, sorry, 'Stranded' is an entirely different Jennifer Paige song! 'These Days' is the title I was looking for!
  13. multimediac17

    multimediac17 Moderator

    *somehow blames wikipedia for his own lack of research*
  14. Swedish Popstars Winners Excellence recorded it, too.

    I think Scandal'us actually had one of the best Popstars debut albums. I still enjoy listening to it today, while most others sound very cheaply produced and extremely dated.
  15. Loved this album for years, not being either Australian or a Bardot fan and I don't know how 'Get The Music On' barely scrapped the Top 10 in OZ - that was a tune and a half. Gotta love how aimless was the whole project too - Opera tracks! RnB! Dance Pop!, What a mish mash.
  16. I remember being about 12 and loving Poison.

    It was quite annoying though as they showed their version of Popstars on UK TV but didn't release here until like a year later.
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  17. ALSO!

    What kind of budget did the Popstars TV show have that The X Factor doesn't? Nearly 10 years ago now they were making decent videos and giving them good original songs (Hear'say, Bardot, Girls Aloud) and nowadays we're stuck with a lame cover version and pretty much the same video.
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  18. Had to bump this to share that Sophie is going to be Australia's next Bachelorette. Sorry, not news about a new album.


    Not gonna lie- excited for this.
  19. Well it's better than the rumour that she was going to be joining Real Housewives Of Melbourne at least. Don't get me wrong, I love Sophie (I started this thread forever ago) but she's better than being ripped apart by Janet Roach and Jackie Gillies.

    I still can't believe this album was never followed up by anything other than a cover of 'Push It' for a bra ad. I don't even think that song was officially released.
  20. Island

    Island Staff Member

    This album is surprisingly great.
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