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Reporting a Post

Discussion in 'Forum business' started by Vive Indifference, Nov 10, 2016.

  1. So what happens when you report a post?

    I reported one yesterday (for Bullying) but have received no feedback on what happened as a result ...

    Do the Mods just decide who/what is acceptable then act/ignore without any rationale?

    Are the Mods themselves then accountable for that decision?

    Would be nice to know ...
  2. If it was only yesterday that you reported it, then possibly give it a little more time. They are usually quite good at resolving issues.
  3. Hello,

    Unfortunately reports disappear from view about a day after they're resolved, so I can't see the one you're referring to to give a specific answer.

    Generally speaking, the report may result in a PM being sent to the person who was reported without the person who reported it being notified, which would be noted as 'resolved' as some action has been taken and notes applied to the users profile if they've been warned/banned etc.

    Due to the number of reports, feedback is generally not provided to the reporting party unless specifically requested or the circumstances require it.

    Feel free to PM me the details of your report and I'll look into it.
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