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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by V3RYP05H, Mar 4, 2020.

  1. Figured since a few members gave lip over discussion of this iconic franchise in the General Video Game Thread, the series might as well have a thread on its own.

    The latest entry will be the remake of Resident Evil: Nemesis

    Coming out April 3, 2020 and will be bundled with the co-op experience
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  2. Today’s live stream will not feature anything new as per the official Facebook page:
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  3. I am so perched for this, maybe even more than I was for the last one.

    I'm wondering if there have been any tidbits regarding 8 that have come out?
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  4. Same! I am anxiously counting down the days for RE3make.

    I haven’t seen anything about RE8, I just hope they still keep the VR mode because that was the most fun way to play it for me!
  5. I've already prepared my boyfriend that my schedule will be full for a bit upon release. Ms. Valentine is my all-time fav RE character so consider me 1000% perched!
  6. Currently I am enjoying Resident Evil: Revelations 2. I am a little bit pissed because I have found out that the ending depends on one decision that you make in the 3rd episode. Still the game is much better than Revelations which I really liked but it felt like a poor man's entry in the series.

    This year I also finished Resident Evil 5 and 7. Both of them were amazing. 7 was so scary that I had to take breaks between playing and those breaks sometimes lasted for like a few days. There is nothing better than playing a horror game during the night with your headphones on. You can really immerse your self in that world.
  7. Capcom seem to have fallen asleep the live streams still not started even though the resident evil twitter account swears blind it is...
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  8. The original save room music is back for RE3!
  9. I knew I wasn’t crazy! Couldn’t find it on YouTube and kept trying. Still can’t actually but oh well.
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  10. Twitch is your friend it’s on there!
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  12. I’ve got my jumper tightly tied around my waist and I’m ready to go!
  13. Some tidbits by @RE_Wiki on twitter from the OXM article of RE3/Resistance:
    Also, screenshots of the article was posted here.
  14. I just managed to complete the Resident Evil 3 Ketu mod. It was 4 and a half hours of tension and my reflexes being abused since the difficulty is ramped up, the enemies are numerous (RUNNING ZOMBIES ARE SHIT) and there’s about 56 Nemesis fights (most of which are mandatory as he drops indispensable amounts of ammo/heals and occasionally key items and weapons you need to progress.)

    I can’t believe I actually made it through! A crap ton of resets though, but this is definitely the funnest way to play old school RE3 for me
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  15. I loved this! Also glad they finally put it to bed that 0 and REmake are canon to this timeline.

    I wonder if the emphasis on Billy Cohen during the 0 portion adds weight to the rumor that Nemesis is a captured and mutated Billy this time around? I mean, they really focused on him even though it’s technically Rebecca’s game.
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  16. Nemesis killed me my first encounter with it, second time I barely made it out alive.
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  17. Woof! Sounds like CAPCOM came through with Daddy Nemmy.

    I’m avoiding the demo. I want to go into this completely virgin. I think part of my anxiety with RE2 was caused by knowing what was going to happen thanks to the demo.
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  18. I dug the demo, felt right at home but it gave me more action-arcade than survival horror vibes.
    The tension I felt while playing RE2 was nowhere to be found.
    Then again I just littered all the zombies legs with bullets knowing I don't need the handgun ammo down the road, as this was just a demo. I'll probably be more cautious and preserve ammunition when playing the main game.

    I was also a coward who threw the handgrenade right at Nemesis and pushed past him to get to the fire hydrant
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  19. I've got an itch to watch all of these movies in the coming days due to current events and I still need to download the Resident Evil 3 demo dddd
  20. REmake 3 copies are in the wild. Watch out for spoilers if you care.
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