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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by V3RYP05H, Mar 4, 2020.

  1. Hmm, I actually found the tension of going in and out of various shops and the subway office quite eerie, not knowing what to expect, the lack of lighting. We basically start Act 2 in the demo, there's still everything before this to discover, including a return to the Racoon City Police department, which, if that smashed up bathroom in RE2 is anything to go by, will be a hell of a run.
    I'm so here for the original RE3 save room music being used in this, I really wish they did this in RE2, without having to swap the soundtrack.
  3. From the spoilers it is a shame that this game is severily lacking as a remake, in particular regarding iconic parts of the original as

    Brad's role
    The clocktower

    It seems great as a new action RE set in the downfall of Raccoon City. It's just way more on the reimagination side of things than REmake and REmake 2 were.
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  4. How can they leave out the Clocktower? It's literally the creepiest part of the whole game! I'm guessing that construction site battle with Nemesis from the trailer is what has replaced the Clocktower. I did worry about the inclusion of the Clocktower with there being zero reference to it at all.
  5. Clocktower is in but... it’s just the courtyard battle with Nemesis in its 2nd form then Jill infected with Carlos carrying her to the hospital
  6. I fear the resident evil fan community is going to make a big deal out of this, they're already complaining about the Plaga like heads after Nemesis mutates the zombies, saying it's too much like resident evil 4. Let's watch this space.
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  7. I am not averse to the game being reimagined as something they want slotted firmly as its own entry into the new canon(reminder 3 was originally developed as side game before they rolled it into 3 and started CV for the Dreamcast or whatever).
  8. As fun as RE3 was it could definitely benefit from some beefing up in terms of story and game length, hopefully the remake will deliver this, I have faith in Capcom, they've done great things with RE7 and RE2 Remake, and I'm loving this demo.
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  9. From what I’ve read 6 hours maybe 7 for a first play through which isn’t bad for an RE game I’m just hoping there’s some good replayability
  10. So I caved and watched like...the first 15 minutes.
    Some thoughts, and FWIW i am one of the absolute biggest RE3 fans out there. Literally top 5 favorite/most played games in my life.

    The segment in Jill's Apartment basically being the original trailer we saw unfolding in first person gave it just enough familiarity while starting us off at peak levels of tension and high stakes. Wasting NO time with Nemesis' introduction, I feel like this time instead of making Nemesis the entire plot line (hell, the OG was subtitled NEMESIS), he's more of a starring role that doesn't have to dominate the storyline. Some are saying Brad's role is suffering because of this as his demise is drastically altered, but they tried something new in developing him past the original's "you're just here for Nemmy to have a body count" role. I am okay with this. Nemesis is a pursuer, not an unstoppable killing machine, he's fucking terrifying with or without some kills under his belt. I stopped the video at the end of that first set piece and will be playing the rest blind. People just aren't happy with anything unless its fucking identical to the source material, and I just feel like that's doing a disservice to what Capcom has done.
  11. I’m trying to remember what the average first play time was for RE2. I reckon it’ll definitely have speed run playability. I spent a month getting a high ranking on hardcore mode to unlock the weapons, I reckon this will have that feature, plus there’s the Outbreak style game attached.
    I was so tempted to watching the opening sequence but the site was removed, not long to finally play this though. You’re right about the fan base, they generally really hard to please, the uproar when they found out RE2 was over the shoulder and not rendered angles.
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  12. I think re2 average was again 6-8 hours 1st play through it depends if you like
    To explore I guess I know I sure as hell do!
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  13. Reviews are coming in.
  14. Re3 seems to be getting about 7.5-8’s mostly metacritic is at 80.
    Main complaints are short run time and new game plus being cut. And that nemesis becomes fixed encounters after the first 2 hours of gameplay oh and cut locations the clock tower being reduced to just a nemesis fight only really has triggered some of the so called true fans.
  15. like as if Nemesis WASN’T a fixed encounter in the original. Some of these complaints are so weird....
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  16. Agree I think a lot of it is very hyper “fans” with rose tinted glasses on!
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  17. BTG


    I stan Jill as much as anyone but 5~ hours for a full price game is a little... slight. Awful online mode or not.
  18. 7.5s-8s aren't bad scores. I'd say that's on par for this if it's similar to the remake of Resident Evil 2.

    People do the most sometimes but the stuff missing/cut in addition to the removal of the variations in the playthroughs are a bit hard to swallow. Resident Evil 3 is one of the most replayable games in the series for me and it's mostly in part due to the wildly differing enemy spawns/nemesis appearances and the like. As someone who has no interest in the online side game, I have major misgivings about replay value.

    Also to be fair some of the things cut are pretty big in context of the game as a whole. I hope the new stuff makes up for it because some of the new stuff in the last remake were among the worst parts (especially the expanded sewers and enemies in them).
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  19. I'm on the fence, really. 5-7 hours can be a gratifying experience, but it does seem excessive to spend 60€ for that considering that I'm not the kind of player to go after collectables and trophies, so I'm not likely to play it more than once or twice.

    Then considering the changes it doesn't even have that big nostalgia factor going for it.

    I mean, no? In the original you have chasing segments at least up until Jill gets out of the Clock Tower and goes to the park. I think after that he only appears at the Park bridge and the boss fights in the Dead Factory.

    The reviews just say that this switch happens much earlier in the remake. He is actively chasing you only in the downtown portion of the map, which seems to be basically what we played in the demo.
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  20. Watching reviews on YT it grates on me that Capcom has seemingly reused the sewer assets of RE2 Remake, a portion of the game which wasn't even part of the original Nemesis and was among the weakest parts of the previous installment.
    I suppose such a quick turnaround must have had its reasons, had they built more new assets for original portions of the game we wouldn't have gotten it only a year after part 2. Still, it has a whiff of lazy game development to me.

    I am a fan but knowing that a price drop to 25€ is guaranteed for this title only 3-4months down the line I am going to wait. It happened to Resi 2, DMC 5, Monster Hunter World and Resi 7.
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