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Resident Evil

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by V3RYP05H, Mar 4, 2020.

  1. Thank you for sharing topless Carlos.
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  2. Finally finished over the weekend, can someone explain why they gave Mother Miranda the Dorit Kemsley accent?
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  3. Honestly it makes me laugh they're all meant to be in a tiny Eastern European village, and the Lords are meant to have been there for hundreds of years, and the villagers constantly hold contempt at Ethan for being "an outsider"... yet they all sound just as American as he does nn.
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  4. Yes!! I actually thought the American accents were hinting at something
    like all the villagers being American Umbrella employees or something
    (since the doctor call in the intro had some actual European accent if I recall correctly), but nope!
  5. I mean it was the same in RE4 when you are in a town from the north of Spain and all the villagers have a clear South American accent.
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  6. I could be watching videos about RE2 all day.

    Also just reached House Beneviento in Village and...I'm waiting to play with my boyfriend in the weekend to get out of the first save room. Even the first part when you
    go through the house in complete silence expecting something to jump
    is crazy scary.
  7. House Beneviento of the most masterful sections in any horror game ever. Every bit of it is terrifying.
  8. Shouldn't we get a trailer for the new movie soon?
  9. I’m late to the party with Village and after finding the beginning segments and Castle Demitrescu somewhat underwhelming (far too easy and over far too quickly), House Beneviento actually made me want to cry.

    The puzzle segment and the build up.with the environmental changes is just masterful, and when THAT happens I felt full on panic like I don’t think I ever have with anything horror (in any media). I couldn’t stop shaking afterwards, even if the game hasn’t reached the same highs before or since (I’m at the stronghold now) Capcom should be highly commended for it.
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  10. Even after multiple replays, I still get freaked out in the Beneviento basement (and also backtracking in the factory when it’s pitch black with tougher enemies). Knowing what’s coming low-key makes it worse.
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