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Resident Evil

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by YourLeadSinger, Mar 4, 2020.

  1. He


    New Leon is hot.

    Chris already looks annoying, good casting.
  2. Avan Jogia as Leon is good casting. He has the Hair™ and the innate sweetness that Leon should have. oh and he can also get it.
  3. BTG


    The way these straights are seething over Avan Joshua’s casting. Suffer!

    Let me not even address the terrible “He looks like he should be playing Carlos” opinions.
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  4. Yeah this one is better, I'm pretty excited and can't wait to see this. It's checking off all the right boxes for me so far.
  5. He


    He even has the same haircut as Leon, like... how is that not similar?

    I'm glad they are making the main cast less white. Shame they are already including so many stories at the same time, because it would be nice to have Carlos and Nemesis.

    This would have made a great tv show.
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  6. Can we get 0 and Nemesis joined together for a semi-prequel after this?
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  7. I finally completed Village today and I loved all of it, even the last part that most agree is the weaker. I liked that, without entering in spoilers, it finds a way to keep up with the puzzles even if it does have a couple of sections that are full-on action just for the sake of having something for everyone.

    Still, I think its gameplay is overall brilliantly designed, and the art may very well be my favourite in the series. Even when the designs of the factory section take a 180 turn, they are still really creepy in a steampunk way. I finished the game and I made sure to spend my in-game currency to unlock the character models and artworks at the gallery.

    I might have even liked the factory more than Moureau's reservoir, which was a little disappointing in the sense that it lacked unique enemies and it could be summarized in the giant puzzle to get the windmills back on. Sure, the factory goes for a long time, but I liked how beating the different enemies was more of a puzzle than just shooting your strongest weapon. It did have a bit of backtracking, but I didn't mind it seeing as this was a novelty compared to previous village lord sections.

    My complains about the lack of story segments were answered and I liked how the arcs originated in VII interact with those of the series as a whole. I feel like Chris felt the most threedimensional he has been since CODE: Veronica, and has benefited massively from the creative freedom he gets from being a side character instead of a hunk protagonist.

    Considering the success of Village I think it's a given that Rose will be the protagonist of RE9, which I'm all for it! There are also quite a few possible routes they could explore in the future, such as other experiments of The Connections, the reason why BSAA sent a squad of bio-weapons, and the origin of the symbol that Spencer copied and used for Umbrella.
  8. The Resident Evil board game looks great!

    Still need to give my RE2 board game a serious run.
  9. I had a $10 Oculus store credit and went ahead and bought the VR remake of Resident Evil 4, which is out today and seemingly getting a lot of great reviews:

    Haven't played the game since the original GameCube release. Very excited to play my first proper adventure game in VR.
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  10. Some people on Twitter are pissed at the censorship with this port.
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  11. God, the word censorship has lost all sense of its original meaning to that pile of gamers.

    You update things all the time when you're porting/remaking a game, and removing something that is no longer relevant to the current market is just part of that process. Whether that's dialogue, systems, or anything else!
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  12. Made myself very, very nauseous from playing 30 minutes of Resident Evil 4 VR last night. That being said, it's really smooth and intuitive. Excited to get my sea legs and venture a bit more in.

  13. This just further strengthens the question of who the fuck signed off on the What's Up-trailer.
  14. It looks so good, I am cautiously optimistic.
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  15. BTG


    A genius.
  16. I'm going to love this even if it's shit.
  17. Well the A.V. Club has a review up. It's... not good. Though it sounds like the reviewer just prefers the flashiness of the original film. This criticism struck me as really odd, though.
    They give it demerits for not shoehorning in something about COVID?
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  18. The revisionism of the Milla Evils as misunderstood modern masterpieces is breathtakingly dumb, too.
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  19. I attended a screening last week and really enjoyed this. It’s silly, mindless, violent fun. Not a great film by any means, but a perfectly enjoyable ride.
  20. He


    Wait, is this happening? Scream.

    They were a vehicle for her and her husband to make money. They did seem to enjoy them.
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