Resident Evil

I finished both Revelations games!
The first one is pretty good overall. The ship setting is adequately spooky and creepy and has a fun interconnected design. And it's great to get to play as Jill again in a game. In terms of its "have more of an early era RE vibe" goals, I think it did okay but I wish they had incorporated item management like the classics or the remakes have. That's still one of my favorite parts of RE Games. Organizing inventory is so much fun and calming. I also think it delved a little too much into actiony territory, especially in all the non-Jill stuff and later in the game. And I also wasn't the biggest fan of the enemies? The aquatic element to their designs was cool but they're kinda boring for the most part. There were a few that really scared me though - the comms officer and Rachael being the most terrifying. But overall the game is a good time with another fun, crazy RE plot. Oh, and as much as I liked Parker, there were several moments where I was wishing he was just Barry instead.

The second one is low-key fantastic? I'm biased towards Claire anyway, but the entire game was so cool, with scary and intense enemies, and an extremely interesting and engaging plot and with a fun new character in Moira with a great set-up with the back and forth of the two stories. Like, I really loved it. All of the Barry/Moira stuff worked so well and it was great seeing Barry again in general. And introducing Alex as a character this late in the game is so funny to me though. Like, Capcom must have realized they messed up hard killing him in 5 (even though it's a very satisfying ending) between her and Jake's existence. The whole game gave me serious Evil Within vibes which is very much a compliment, although not quite as scary considering I'm still scared to go back to that game even though I love it. I think I like Rev 2's plot more though because it's Resident Evil and it's crazy dddd. Overall, a wonderful addition to the RE franchise, with a very satisfying final boss fight, which I can't really say the same for the first one. Like, this had similar elements to the final Nemesis fight and Mr. X's boss fight in 2 and 3. Also, Claire's haircut at the end was great. Also also, if we never get follow-up to the Natatlia/Alex thing, I'm going to pretend the post-credits scene is non-canon and Natalia is fine, because I really like her character.
Oh and what I said about inventory management for Rev 1 still applies to 2 but slightly lesser extent because it had the whole "switch items between characters" and expanding inventory items but item boxes and decision making in that regard would have been awesome.
When it comes to the Revelations games I pretty much agree with everything you said, I personally found the 1st REV game a bit boring, mainly because of cutting away from Jill to Chris running away from wolves, I did enjoy the claustrophobic intense atmosphere of the ship, but being taken away from that setting and then controlling Chris in a more Action orientated plot just killed the vibe for me. The Mayday boss was pretty scary and tense, so yeah, the ship was great but everything outside of that was just boring to me, and it felt like a retread of Resident Evil 5, and if I was recall correctly, Revelations 1 was meant to be a return to horror, but it seems Capcom got nervous about committing to this so therefore they shoehorned Chris and the action content into the game.
Revelations 2 however, was great, tense, dark, scary, unnerving, I loved it, it was pretty much everything the fans had wanted from the series for quite a while, especially after resident evil 6, I wouldn't be surprised if this game was to test if there was a big enough audience for the horror aspects of the series after the RE6 backlash, which then resulted in the reboot that became Resident Evil 7.
I really must replay Revelations 2, I remember really loving it, my only issue with it at the time was the episodic release nature of it, like, I want the game as a full package, not a chapter released every other week, I ended up waiting for the full thing to be released and it was worth it.
It’s just a setting? They added Sheva and the talk about it being “racist” was next to none. They’ll probably lessen the more “tribal” Majini enemies though.

You can’t make Code Veronica “less problematic” without completely changing Alfred though. His in your face Queerness is such a prominent part of his character (and not in the positive way).
I don't really see why they would remake 5 (or by extension 6). It still looks good, it plays perfectly fine and they'd have to revamp it quite majorly if they don't want to steer into the action territory that Capcom themselves have since made clear was a misstep.

Code Veronica and Zero though? Now there are two incredible remakes waiting to be made.
There are...several enemy designs in 5 that would get a lot more attention now and not in a good way. And the landscape of gaming/gaming discussion has shifted significantly since 5 came out.

I just don't see 5 happening as a remake regardless, 4 really is the last of the 'classic' pantheon before the franchise gets into its games with a lot more fan divisiveness and baggage.
Remaking Resident Evil 5 is asking for trouble. It was controversial even when it was released, it would cause a shitstorm nowadays unless they make dramatic overhauls to nearly everything.

You can't put out a game in 2023 where a white American guy heads to a poor African village full of feral acting black men and shoots them up, while showing screaming, white, blonde women getting dragged into houses by evil black men and having the door slammed shut behind them, then following that up with ooga-booga tribal stereotypes. Christ, what a tone-deaf mess that game was.