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  1. Here is is!


    Leaks were absolutely true, even the most unrealistic.
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  2. Looks fantastic. I honestly can’t wait.
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  4. So... His story comes to an end sounds more like Chris taking a villain role and being killed? Unless they do some clone shit like with Ada. I doubt its in reference to Ethan because no one really cares about him. Looks like Chris kills Mia? Also ooop at Chris completely changing looks again.
  5. I can't believe the leaks were mostly spot-on.
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  6. The best thing about this is the new Chris that actually looks like Chris.

    Everything else is just.... ok. The group of women with the hats better play a large role.
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  7. The aristocratic werewolf women's club piqued my interest. I am eager to see where they push the narrative, looks like Umbrella is going to be some kind of ancient freemason-like order in this.
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  8. Well this was... tea.
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  9. A message from the developers with a tiny bit of gameplay:
  10. He resembles Chris from RE5 and 6 at least, just a bit older. Chris from RE7 just looked odd, nothing like him.
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  11. Really? I feel like Chris from RE7 looked like how he was in the original game. Of course he was muscular and fit but he not to the degree of RE 5 & 6
  12. I wasn’t a huge fan of 7. It was a good game but the setting missed that feel and atmosphere from 0, 1, 2, 3 and 4 that I love in Resident Evil. The house and the traps just... would have made for a better spin off?

    The fact that this has a sprawling castle with a mansion interior, a village like 4 and statues, puzzles and architecture makes me so excited.
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  13. I loved RE7 and how it worked as course correction after the mess that is RE6. One thing i did not like that much was the game shoving the players with firepower immediately. I wanted more of the helpless atmosphere of the start of the game.
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  14. RE5 Chris was based off of the Chris from the REmake, just with a beefier face as that would happen when one gets more muscular.
    RE6 doesn’t actually use the same face but it’s more in-line with the Chris we’ve been accustomed to but then you have RE7’s Chris that looked just plain awful and not at all close to what Chris looked like (and was dirty blonde all of a sudden?).

    Agreed. Also, unlike most, I couldn’t suspend my belief that this family would have a Spencer style Mansion. Yes, I know what this series is but why would a normal family have such an elaborate home for literally no reason other than “hey look guys, it’s like old RE!!”.

    Say what you will about the other games but they at least made sense, ex: the Spencer Mansion our in the woods was a front for the Umbrella Lab, the RCPD is a refurbished Museum, etc.

    Why did the Bakers need such an elaborate home in the first place? They lived there before that BOW arrived.

  15. Fill this out, go, go, go!!
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  16. 31BF705E-4A03-4F95-897B-5A6A626A1A8E.jpeg
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  18. I hope some of y'all asked for ports of RE1-3 to PC/modern platforms or Outbreak in the extra comments section.
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  19. Leave Ethan alone
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  20. I did ask them to revive the Outbreak series.
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