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Retro/80s/Dance Soundtracks - Fame, Flashdance, Footloose, Breakdance, etc.

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Former member 330, Feb 27, 2012.

  1. Ok, so, a lot of these old 80s dance films which you can get cheaply on DVD have cool soundtracks which are very collectable/expensive on out of print CDs. I've just spent a lot of money on the Krush Groove soundtrack, and I was thinking how great it would be if there was a dedicated label putting out reissues of soundtracks? Perhaps even a DVD + CD set of the movie, with the accompanying soundtrack? A quick look on a site like iOffer would suggest there is a (small) demand, where there's a lot of bootleg CDs, of a high standard to be fair, of soundtracks which are long out of print (or never released on CD before). Would anyone be interested in such a venture?

    I'm initially thinking of films with a music/dance theme, like Breakdance, Breakdance II: Electric Boogaloo, Fast Forward, Krush Groove, etc. but then also expanding into soundtracks which have exclusive material, like Mannequin (Belinda Carlisle's 'In My Wildest Dreams'!), or best selling soundtracks which I'd like to see expanded with 12" mixes, ie. Flashdance. It's just a pipedream of mine really, I love 80s soundtracks, but when some of these CDs sell for £100+, it has to have legs. Thoughts? Suggestions?
  2. I remember paying a lot for the "Perfect" OST on CD just for a couple of tracks. I'm sure there is, as you say, a small market for this, but I think the difficulty would lie in the fact that many labels would be involved due to the number of artists on many OSTs. Not really got experience of it though so may be wrong. Nice idea including a DVD.

    I'd like to see "Gotcha" on CD too.
  3. I wonder why? Hehe.

    Not sure about licencing... but it's a good point. I guess the music is in the film and the film is still in print, so technically, it's just an extension of the movie content.
  4. I've got so many 80s soundtracks on CD purely for the odd exclusive track by someone which doesn't appear anywhere else (Don Henley on Vision Quest, Jeff Lynne on Electric DReams, Wang Chung on Breakfast Club etc) and I've mostly been lucky to find them cheaply in used stores or online!).

    A while back, some of the more high-profile 80s/90s films were given CD+Book editions, but that's as much as I recall.
  5. Oooh, now the Breakin one (and Electric Boogaloo) are ones I need. All the versions of Ain't No Stoppin' Us by Ollie & Jerry that I have on comps seem to be vinyl rips.
  6. Does the soundtrack to Labyrinth count?

    That's one fabbo 80's soundtrack!!
  7. It's got a couple of exclusive Bowie tracks (Undrground ended up on some of his Best Ofs, but Magic Dnace did not) yeah, it counts! I could have bought a used copy yesterday for 3 quid, but I have the Bowie non-single tracks in digital form anyway.
  8. Well, got to get that title track on CD somehow, although am still hopeful "The Big Kiss" will happen as most of the work is done.

    "Vision Quest" would be great - expanded of course with "Warning Signs" and the 12" of "Gambler". Never even seen the film so that would be incidental! Had a bit of a Madonna revival recently.

    I must have missed the whole breakdance craze. Are any of those albums worth getting?
  9. SockMonkey

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    I always liked the Married To The Mob soundtrack. Bought it on CD years ago.

    The CD seems to be £20+ used on Amazon at the moment. 'Goodbye Horses' ended up being used in a famous "knob between the legs" scene in The Silence Of The Lambs, which Jonathan Demme also directed. Chris Isaak was also in Married To The Mob, briefly, as well as being on the soundtrack.

    As far as I know, this is the only proper CD release of Debbie Harry's "Liar Liar" although there was a promo CD single too in the US.
  10. Top Gun OST defines the soundtrack genre for me ...
  11. I know it's pure cheese, but the 'Dirty dancing' soundtrack is amazing.
  12. One of my favourites (and a film no-one but me has ever seen, or so it seems!) is the Xanadu soundtrack. It's half Olivia Newton John and half ELO and just incredible.

    Olivia as a muse from Greek mythology in legwarmers on rollerskates, what's not to love?! I kind of love that it flopped so hard it killed the musical as a genre for years afterwards!

  13. Have you seen the digital singles for Magic Dance and Underground on iTunes?
  14. I got them on amazon, so I expect/hope they're the same in terms of content - I got a few of those Bowie digital single bundles last year, despite my lack of love for the format, because of all the great extended mixes and they were only about 1.69 for 5 tracks.
  15. Happy anniversary to the best 80s dance movie soundtrack, Dirty Dancing!
    The perfect mix of 60s, 80s and cover songs.

    Eric Carmen - Hungry Eyes

    The Scene
  16. The 50 Shades Of Grey of the 80's also had a nice soundtrack (plus Animotion's Obsession was used in one of the trailers)

  17. The Dirty Dancing soundtrack(s) still holds up.

    Love the Married to the Mob and Something Wild soundtracks (Jonathan Demme really knew how to pick music for his films - RIP).

    I just bought a used copy of the Tequila Sunrise soundtrack. Gread '80s ballad duet of Surrender to Me by Ann Wilson and Robin Zander, plus Duran Duran, Ziggy Marley, Crowded House and the Church on the rest of the soundtrack.
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  18. I bought this a few years ago for about £2.99 purely for the John Taylor track.
  19. Also, who knew how rare the Labryinth soundtrack CD has become?!
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