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Rev - New BBC Comedy

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by absintheboy, Jul 6, 2010.

  1. Anyone else watching this? I think it's gently hilarious.
  2. I meant to watch to the iPlayer website I think!!

  3. Yes! It's good. Although I taped last night's. My colleague is married to a trainee vicar (whereas she's an atheist, pretty much like the show) and she said that it's so accurate in terms of characters you meet etc.
  4. Finally found a slot to catch up on this show....took so long, my original iPlayer download expired, haha.

    Episode 1 was a delight. Nice to see some familar faces in the cast as well.

    Off to watch Ep 2 shortly.

  5. I've been really enjoying it all. I really like the little reflective bits he does, and I think that it's done in such a nice way, neither mocking or forcing a religious message down people's throats. It's spot on.
  6. Tom Hollander is just marvellous. And it's always a delight to watch Olivia Coleman.

    Noticed in the credits that the Rev Richard Cole (ex-Communards) was an advisor on the show.

  7. He really is, and Olivia Coleman plays his wife so well. She's supportive but at the same time quite unforgiving when it comes to his colleagues.
  8. Olivia Coleman is rather dishy! I've always kind of thought that.

    As for Tom Hollander, the man is a national treasure. This series is wonderful; I hope the BBC realise what a success they have on their hands.

  9. The last episode was so funny. A vicar having an identity crisis - brilliant. I don't know how it's been doing in the ratings but I'd love to see it return.

    I feel that the BBC have revived the sitcom of late although there was something in the Radio Times lately which bemoaned the lack of comedy in comedy shows. But there is a trend of having 'gentle' sitcoms which I quite like.
  10. I'm just happy I'm not the only one who can't get Olivia Colman's last name right. Even on Dr. Who she was credited as Coleman, apparently.
  11. Oops!

    No wonder Google is not my friend.

  12. I love this show.

    Watched ep.3 last night, and it just gets better and better.

  13. I watched all of this on the strength of Tom Hollander, who was very, very good. As a hardline atheist, I appreciated that it showed the different facets of faith - from the gentle, good version that Adam preaches which I have no problem with, to the manipulative bollocks such as the youth church brought in by Darren Boyd's character, which I can't stand in any form.

    A lot of the writing was sharp, but I didn't care for some of the characters (not the actors, who were all brilliant) I really, really dislike Colin. Perhaps he's there to show how Adam can forgive most things, but I'd just tell him to fuck off. Nigel too, and also the guy who kept coming round with money scams (can't remember his name)

    I really like the Archdeacon though, and also Lucy Liemann's headmistress, and as people have said Olivia Colman is always good, and her relationship with Adam was presented really well.

    But Tom Hollander, and Adam, was what kept me watching. A superb, and wonderfully human performance. I'd like to see another series. (Also, LOVE the title sequence, but great London photography will always win me over!)
  14. Series 2 began tonight. I'd forgotten how long ago the first series was! Felt like the turn of the year or something.

    Yours truly mucked up the recording, so it'll have to be the iPlayer again for this. Hopefully the show is as wonderful as before.
  15. My dad (a vicar) thinks this is absolutely fucking brilliant.
  16. Watched ep 1 of the new series last night, and I too think it is (still) fucking brilliant. No diminishing returns with this programme. I'll even forgive the two blatant product placements for BBC DVDs (The Killing and Wallander) because it was a good visual gag.
  17. I love this show too. Great to see a nuanced, sympathetic central character in a British sitcom.
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