RHONY: Legacy

Speaking of fights, this was art.

Speaking of fights, this was art.

This was a masterclass in editing. A gold metal acrobatic routine that sticks its landing.

I’m also rewatching the series from season 3 onwards. I have to say, I really do love how delusional Jill is and how her plan to get the sympathy edit for the season backfired on her.

I also love that one scene where Jill is practicing her ice skating skills up in Connecticut and Bravo dubs in a fake French voiceover saying: “these are professional people skating. I swear I never saw such bull**** never in my life”
I really think Jill will never ever get her apple back. This is the third consecutive season that they've had her show her face and teased her in the trailers, but she's not even Friend of.

After Bobby's passing, Ginger going to doggy heaven, Ally being grown up, a new man... Jill could have had a great storyline going into season 11. Certainly more interesting than whatever Tinsel has going on, although "I'm literally fucking miserable" is already iconic.

After this season I need someone else to be fired and maybe two new housewives. If she doesn't have a redemption season this year (and by the trailer that's #aNoNo) then Drugrinda can go, she's the angriest, most volatile one on this show.
I think Andy really likes them to work for that title. Look at Danielle and Camille, they've been "friends" of the housewives for a while now. Both deserve to be upgraded.

I'm not sure Jill Zarin would return unless she's given that official "housewife" tag from the off, we all know she's desperate but not that desperate. Personally, I think it would be weird having her back but I'm by no means against it. As @cassiejojo said, there's a lot going on in her life and I for one would be interested in seeing how things have developed. She's still hugely popular and will always be the wicked witch of the upper east side. I would imagine Bethenny may be standing in the way to.

While I love the current cast, I think this will be the final season of these women all together. Especially with it being three years now. Really I could only see Tinsley getting the chop (unless she has a great season). Ramona and Luann will never leave, Dorinda and Sonja are firm fan favourites. Bethenny is the only one I can see walking away. Guess time will tell and I'd like some new blood to mix with the current crop.